Sunday, April 19, 2009


President Obama has refused to attend the UN conference on racism. His stated reason is that he expects the conference will call for censure against Zionism and a ban against insults to the Prophet Muhammad and Islam. He said the language of such a conference is "objectionable" and that it violates the principle of free speech.

Two things are very clear from Obama's statement:

Slandering the Messenger of Allah is "free speech": and

Saying anything bad about Israel and Zionism is "objectionable".

While this may astound the Obama-loving Muslims who have been duped by his blackness, it is no amazement to those who heard Obama declare that "the relationship between the US and Israel is sacrosanct." To be clear, sacrosanct means "untouchable, sacred, holy." Israel is sacred. The Prophet Muhammad is not, according to Obama.

Remember that next time the White House invites your sell-out, compromised Muslim "leaders" to have tea with the president.

Also, what needs to be discussed: what are the implications of a Black President who refuses to attend an international conference on racism?

Friday, April 17, 2009


Today, President Obama declared that it is perfectly fine to torture Muslims. He has "absolved" all CIA agents who tortured Muslims. No agent will be prosecuted. Muslims should just get over it. It's in the past.

The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said that a Muslim's blood, property and honor are sacred. Barak Obama says Muslim blood is cheap.

Change we can believe in? Isn't that the slogan all of the Barak-loving Muslims were chanting along with Barak? Didn't the sell-out organizations like CAIR praise Obama last week because he "reached out to the Muslim world"? Yeah, he reached out alright. OBAMA REACHED OUT AND SLAPPED THE CRAP OUT OF THE MUSLIMS!

But you will still see the slave imams and the cowardly organizations like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, MANA, ZAYTUNA etc. seeking to lick the feet of Obama and trying to sell the Muslim community to the highest bidder.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"WHO ARE THE REAL PIRATES" Questions you need to ask

Before you believe the "official "story about the "pirates of Somalia, you need to ask some questions. After all, isn't America the government that brought you the story of the Weapons of Non-Existence?

Why are these Western ships going into Somalia?
Didn't at least one ship have all types of weapons? Weren't these weapons being shipped into already war torn Africa?

If you say the ships are bringing aide to Somalia, EXACTLY WHEN DID THE WHITE MAN START LOVING THE PEOPLE OF SOMALIA???

Why are they dumping toxic waste into the waters there?
Why are they stealing the fish? Why are they not only stealing the fish, but they use the crude fishing method of dropping explosives into the water which not only kills the fish but it destroys the coral and the ecosystem.

Why are negroes saying, "WE' did the right thing by killing those pirates." When did negroes become a part of the "WE"? Do any of the boats that trespass the Somali waters benefit Black people? So where did the "WE" come from. Like Malcolm X said, " , when the master is sick, the house nigger says, 'is WE sick massa?"

Some negroes are saying, "if I were in that situation, I would want the navy seals to take that shot and rescue me." Negro, why do you think the Navy Seals would take that shot for YOU? Do the police treat you the same as white folks? Did the government rescue your people during Hurricane Katrina? So why do you think they'd take the shot for YOU?

The Islamic Courts Union (ICU) established peace in Somalia after decades of strife. WHY DID THE UNITED STATES THEN PRESSURE ETHIOPIA TO ATTACK THE ICU AND PLUNGE SOMALIA BACK INTO CHAOS? Who benefits from the disorder in Somalia?


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Philly cops have been caught robbing immigrant grocers. And beating people. And disrespecting people. So what's new?

The curious thing about the racist and thug police force is that when someone injures a cop, the assailant is immediately tried and convicted in the media. But when criminal cops are caught red handed, the FOP cautions the public not to "rush to judgement." "The criminal activities of the cops are "being investigated."

These investigations go on forever, or at least until the public forgets about it, even in the face of video tape that shows the criminal cops in action!

And the negro Mayor Nutter says nothing. He does nothing. He is impotent. Ineffective. A traitor to his people and to the people of Philadelphia. The cops are out of control and people are not going to stand for it.


President Barak Obama went to Turkey and swore that America is not, nor will ever be at war with Islam. He said this while U.S. bombs fall on Pakistan regularly. And of course he said it after his famous (infamous) statement that the U.S. - Israel relationship is "sacrosanct". Did he say his relationship with Muslims was sacrosanct?

Naturally, all of the alphabet soup, sell out organizations like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MSA, MANA, MAS etc. will proclaim Barak's statement to be some type of great step forward in Islamic - U.S. relations. This is because the leaders of these organizations want to have their pictures taken with the president and be invited to the White House for tea - while the US continues to kill Muslims and fight against the Muslims in Somalia who brought stability to the land after years of fighting.

These sell-outs should remember that George Bush made similar comments about his respect for Islam, even as he killed Muslims!

The obvious motive of the White House is to divide and conquer the Muslims and to get the greedy traitors to help the US fight against Muslims who stand up for the dignity of Islam.