Friday, December 4, 2009

Take A Moment To Apologize

Many Muslims are shocked that their hero, savior, Mahdi (yes, that's what some called him!) Barack Obama is sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan to kill Muslims. A lot of Black ("it's a new day") kool aid drinkers are surprised also.
If you are one of the afforementioned, kindly take a moment to apologize to the students of history who told you many months ago that this was going to happen. We told you that Barack would kill more Muslims and continue the war against Islam. We told you that his "great, beautiful speeches" were meant to lull the Muslim world to sleep. We told you that Barack works for his bosses who paid his way like Goldman Sachs. We told you. But you attacked us - the very ones who love you! You called us horrible names: you said we were "angry", "non-progessive", "living in the past", "haters", "fundamentalists", "backwards", "unintelligent", etc. You hurt us deeply with your misguided venom. But we still love you. And, yes, we accept your apology.

Friday, November 13, 2009

ISNA and the ISNA-crites Strike Again

ISNA and other "Islamic " organizations are taking a collection for the families of the Ft. Hood victims.

How come we saw no fundraising drive from ISNA and the ISNA-crites when Imam Siraj Wahhaj needed money for his medical expenses???? Despite raising millions of dollars for groups like ISNA, ICNA and other immigrant ISNA-crite groups, they had no visible major fundraiser for our dear Imam.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Some national incidents have occurred in the past weeks involving Muslims and the sad state of many, no, most, no 99% of all Muslim "leaders in America.

Regarding the assassination of Imam Luqman in Detroit, we have already mentioned in a previous post the cowardly statement of the cowardly organization known as CAIR (the so called Council of American Islamic Relations) and how CAIR distanced themselves from the martyred Imam while practically agreeing with the FBI's slander that the Imam was a criminal.

ISNA, the "Islamic Society of North America" issued a statement calling for an "investigation" and an "elimination of conditions that cause alienation and distrust and cause people to live in downtrodden conditions." You have to read between the lines of these slick statements. What ISNA is saying is that yes, the Imam was a radical, criminal just like the feds say, but it's not his fault.

There is a national flu scare in America. Many people are unsure of the safety of flu vaccines. Even doctors are questioning the vaccine. Nurses in New York refused to get vaccinated. There is direct evidence that the military /police force will be used to force vaccinations if deemed "neccesary."
So what does the "Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago" do? They offer their advice:

*"Don't shake hands when giving the salaams, or peace greetings to each other;
* Don't hug either;
* Don't just get one flu shot, get two! The regular flu shot and the H1N1" !

It is expected that immigrants and immigrant led organizations like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA etc. would adopt the government line on all issues and sell the people out for a paltry price. They do it all the time. In fact they seem to exist for only that purpose. But it is distressing when an indigenous group like MANA issues a statement about the "Fort Hood shootings" condemning the shooter as a murderer. If the shooter had gone to Iraq, like they were trying to send him, and he had shot Muslims, he would have been considered a hero by America ,and the immigrant sell outs would probably have made him the key note speaker at their countless conventions. Thousands of Muslims are dying daily, but there is no condemnation or outrage from the Muslim "leaders."

But because Americans were killed, Muslim leaders feel the need to apologize and condemn someone without really knowing the situation. It is clear that Muslim leaders have gotten the message from the feds: Be silent and lull your people to sleep or we will kill you like we killed Malcolm and Imam Luqman or we will imprison you like we imprisoned Imam Jamil Al-Amin.

The Prophet (upon whom be peace) said: "You get the leaders you deserve." So if our leaders are frightened cowards, it means that our community has become a community of frightened, brainwashed cowards.

Shortly after the time of the Prophet (upon whom be peace)there was a Muslim General who brought the Muslim army to the border of the great super power of the time, Persia. The Persian king called for a meeting with the general and tried to impress the general with the wealth and might possessed by the Persian empire.
The general was not awed. Instead he replied, "I have men with me who love death more than you love life." If we had the attitude and fortitude of those soldiers, our leaders could stand up to the world and be men instead of the pathetic mice we witness time and time again.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Imam Luqman was gunned down by feds in Detroit. It is the fate that awaits all who dare reveal the truth. It is the fate of all who will not bow down to the beast. It is a glorious fate, not one to be feared. It is to be celebrated.

Imam Luqman knew who the enemy is. He knew how the enemy operates. When the feds come at you , there is no hope for justice. We've learned this for 400 years.

Imam Luqman knew that "appeals", "lawyers" "trials", "justice" "law and order" is a farce. A charade. There was no chance Imam Luqman would receive justice and he refused to play the game. Imam Luqman chose death over slavery in America's prison colonies designed for Black men.

It is clear that the Imam was targeted for death. The usual procedure in such situations is to negotiate the surrender of the "suspect" when he is barricaded in a building. The feds launched an attack with a dog a guns. No waiting. No patience. Because they knew what they came for.

The responses are predictable:

1)The alphabet soup cowardly organizations like CAIR have expressed that their only concern is that "Islam be seperated from the criminal allegations against Imam Luqman." No outrage over Imam Luqman's murder. CAIR just doesn't want to be associated with him. Their freakishly punk -behind remarks are designed to distance themselves from Imam Luqman. Traitors always think that by siding with the oppressor they can work out some kind of deal for themselves. What traitors like CAIR don't realize is that they are as hated as the rest of us. Soon they will come for CAIR and the other sell-out organizations no matter how much they kiss up to massa. Soon they will come to take your bank accounts. They will come to take your freedom. They will come to take your life. And all your years of knuckle-draggin, "pro-democracy", "anti-extremist " , "moderate" Barack-lovin, watered down Islam will avail you naught.

2) Other cowards and hypocrites eat up the media's description of Imam Luqman and even join them in berating the Imam;

3) "Law enforcement" officials and racist white supremists celebrate together;

4) Hypocrite "Islamic" organizations and Imams make statements meant to appease the beast like "Islam is for law and order." Meanwhile the beast looks at their stupid behinds and laughs because all these traitors are doing is giving the feds permission to kill more of us.

5) Both the hypocrites and the well intentioned will call for a "thorough investigation" into what happened. As if the very people who murdered the Imam will investigate fairly! This call for "investigation is no substitute for action, it merely soothes the conscious of the cowardly. They can feel as though they have done something.

6) The feds will move on to their next target and the process will repeat itself.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Christianity has historically had a different effect on whites than on Blacks. For whites, Christianity has been used to empower the white race. It was used to justify the enslavement of Blacks, the Black Holocaust, the murder of indigenous so called Native Americans, colonization of Africa, the theft of the resources of Africa, genocide, homicide, butchery, sadism, rape, plunder and every barbaric act known to man, rather, white man. But still, the white race prospered from their version of Christianity.

Conversely, Christianity has had a feminizing effect on Black men. Christianity ensures that Black men will never rise up against the white man because the "god" of Christianity is white and Christianity teaches Black men to worship an effeminate looking white man. Of course there have been some Black Christians who maintained their manhood, such as Nat Turner, a Black Christian minister who led perhaps the most fearsome insurrection against white supremacy. But for the most part, Christianity has pacified Black men and taught them to turn the other cheek, obey massa, and look for their reward in the next life and leave everything in this life to massa.

Homosexuality has had an opposite effect on Blacks and whites. When Black men think of homos we think of weak, effeminate, flaming fags who disgust our sensibilities but are relatively harmless to all except themselves. Wrong! Homosexuality for whites is their heritage. Whites claim that their greatest civilizations were the ancient greek and roman civilizations. The men in these "civilizations" were predominately bisexual with many being strictly homosexual. Plato was a homosexual. Zeus, the main god of the greeks, is portrayed as a homosexual . In particular, the greeks and romans were boy lovers. Pedophiles. I hope you don't think I'm making this up because it is very easy to research this for yourself.

Today, we are witnessing a return to the ancient ways of whites with the rise of homosexuality.
Even though the forefathers of whites were flaming fags, they were aggressive fags! That is, they conquered other nations and spread homosexuality worldwide. Every nation that has come in contact with whites has seen the spread of homosexuality.

Now whites are spreading homosexuality again and they are spreading it aggressively. It is being taught in the school books. It is being shown on PBS shows as being acceptable. It's on t.v. In the movies. In magazines. In legislation. In the church - well actually it never left the church. And homosexuals will not be satisfied until you and your family become homosexuals or at least accept homosexuality as an "alternative lifestyle." So homosexuality is a weapon of empowerment for whites.

For Blacks, homosexuality is crippling. It robs Black men of their manhood and will to resist white oppression. It leaves Black women without men and tempts the women to find love and companionship in lesbian relationships. Many Black women freely associate with homosexuals and defend the "rights" of fags and will attack you if you speak against fags! Even though the rise of homosexuals is counter productive to the Black women's need and desire for Black men! Black homosexuals are counter-revolutionaries and traitors to their race. A Black homosexual will never support revolution against the capitalist, racist republic because the capitalist, racist republic protects his homosexual lifestyle. A homosexual's main loyalty is not to his religion, race or tribe. He is loyal first to his homosexuality.

That brings us to the Qur'an. The Qur'an has affected Blacks in America differently than others. The Companions of the Prophet used the Qur'an to conquer and benefit every one they encountered.

Today, Arabs, Pakistanis, whites and other immigrants use the Qur'an to mesmerize Blacks into humble submission while the immigrants claim the spoils of America for themselves. The immigrants use the Qur'an to divert the attention of Black Muslims in America. They know that we love the Qur'an, so they recite it to us in beautiful Arabic and we dare not challenge their misinterpretation. They tell us "Islam means peace" because they are afraid to upset the status quo, so we abandon jihad. They tell us to abandon polygyny because they are afraid of white censure that will interrupt their businesses. They tell us to love people that we know are our enemies: Arabs in Florida were instrumental in the first election of George W. Bush. They waste our time and sentimentalities: Behold ISNA and ICNA mourning the death of senator ted kennedy. Behold our great Pakistani, Arab and white "leaders" convening in Washington to fight - malaria!
No one can argue against the need to eradicate malaria but why is our organization MANA, which was formed to address the issues of Black American Muslims, being duped into this malaria thing? Yes duped. Where will the money from this event go? It is well known that these "charities", especially as it relates to Africa, STEAL the money and the people do not benefit. We know that much of the medicine sent there is tainted. Who will oversee the research for the cure and the distribution of medicine and is that really what we want from MANA?

Behold how ISNA has boldly abandoned the moonsighting for Ramadan and Eid and they now proudly proclaim that they are using astronomical calculations. Their PhD's have gone to their heads and they now think they are prophets! They will quote, or rather misquote Qur'an in defense of their near apostasy and we go into a swoon.

The Arabs and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have set up charities for us to send our money OVERSEAS instead of here where our people need it.

The immigrants quote Qur'an and pacify us while our great leaders have become tame after 911. What happened to our bold Imams that sold us their tapes and CD,s and brought to our feet with their rousing lectures and khutbah's? They have all been silenced. Their attention has been diverted to things like malaria, smoking, ted kennedy and licking the feet of obama.
The Qur'an has not motivated the Black American Muslim to challenge the system of unbelief. To challenge the enemies of Allah to debate. To present Islam in its purity to the masses without fear of rebuke from those who hate it. Who can forget the pitiful sight of the "great" American "shaykh" H.Y. being eaten alive in a debate with a CIA agent in the documentary "Who Speaks For Islam." The normally erudite "shaykh" who hypnotizes Black Muslims with his command of the Arabic language and ability to quote hadeeth after hadeeth, was left stuttering and speechless before his fellow caucasian who debated in English and cared nothing for his Arabic prowess!
The Qur'an has not moved Black Muslims to greatness. To victory. To mastery of the sciences . It has pacified us while others reap the spoils of America. Rather, the Qur'an has not pacified us, the Arab/Pakistani interpretation of the Qur'an has rendered us unconscious. We are asleep. Voting for this guy and that guy. Sending our money to Bangladesh and India. Becoming democrats. Abandoning the sunnah. Refusing to compete in a world of competition. Following instead of leading. Afraid of the blame of the blamers. Watering down Islam because we are afraid God's enemies may not "like" Islam.
Abandoning the Qur'an and worshipping "shaykhs" who don't know us and don't care for us. Turning our backs on the hardworking Imams in our own locality who work for no salary.
Seeking honor from those who hate Allah. The Qur'an dignifies, it does not disgrace. The Qur'an elevates, it does not make you subservient. The Qur'an empowers and does not enfeeble.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


The sports fans in Philadelphia are rabid ever since the Eagles signed Michael Vick. Their venom is spewed on racist sports talk stations. "Vick should not be in the NFL." "Vick should still be in jail." "The Eagles should not have signed Vick." "Vick is as bad as a pedophile." Yes, a white lady caller said that Vick is as bad as a pedophile!

It is a classic lynch mob mentality. If you've studied lynching (as you should have) you see that lynching took place whenever a Black man was accused of a crime- whether he committed it or not was irrelevant to the lynch mob. The mob, which consisted of white men, women and children delighted at seeing a Black man tortured, hung and burned. Historical pictures show whites standing around burned bodies of Blacks. Even women and children are seen in the photos smiling at the Black corpses. An excellent book to study is Without Sanctuary, which explains the lynch mob mentality and contains dozens of actual photographs of lynchings.

Whites take a particular delight in watching Black men die or suffer or suffer and then die. The white racists mask their racist hatred with cries for "justice" and manufactured outrage at the alleged or actual crime of the Black victim. The whites scream, holler and foam at the mouth, spit flying, eyes bulging, faces crimson with indignation.

Oddly, whites rarely exhibit such outrage when a white man or woman commits crimes. White women kill their kids and the media calls it "post partum disorder" and covers her with sympathy. American Olympic swimming hero - whats-his- name- gets caught smoking marijuana and it's OK. Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brett Myers beat his wife in public with no cries for lynching or banning him from the Phillies. White cops beat and murder Blacks. No outrage. Muslims tortured in Guantanamo. It continues.

Whites always tell us to "get over" slavery. Get over racism. Get over the genocide of Native Americans. Muslims should get over the millions of Muslims killed in the last decade by the worldwide coalition of whites. Now Barack smiles and says forget about it- it's in the past.

But whites can't get over the damage done to their beloved dogs - especially by a Black man. Vick must hang. He must crawl, dragging his tongue on the ground under the feet of the white man. He must beg for his forgiveness. He must never work again. He must beg in the streets for a living while his tormentors scowl in their imagined superiority. A quick investigation would reveal that many of the whites who want to lynch Vick are involved in child pornography, prostitution, adultery, homosexuality, alcoholism, drug use, drug dealing, shoplifting, hit and run automobile crashes, drunken driving, tax evasion, welfare fraud, bribery, abortion and illegal prescription drugs. But the angry mob wants to lynch Michael Vick.


The police in America are a cult. The police are high priests who are above prosecution and are free to inflict harm on any member of society with little fear of repercussion. Of course, those harmed are usually Black. The followers of this cult are the grand juries, district attorneys, media, judges and brainwashed citizens who believe the police are here to "maintain law and order."

If you watched Mel Gibson's movie APOCOLYPTO, you saw that the high priests were able to lop off heads and hurl them down the steps of the pyramids. The people accepted that the priests were acting in the interest of the tribe!
Today, the police beat, murder, rob, taser and disrespect Blacks and the followers cal it "law and order." Police are seen on videotape beating, stomping, tasering Blacks but district attorneys and grand juries tell us not to believe our lying eyes - or "the tape doesn't tell the whole story." Funny, but when a tape shows someone attacking a cop, it seems to tell the whole story then!

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is the grand council that sees to it that any corrupt cop who gets caught murdering, beating or robbing someone is not prosecuted.

Most of the police cult followers were indoctrinated into the cult by television shows like "COPS" and countless other dramas where cops are shown violating peoples constitutional rights . These shows make the followers believe that the cops are our friends and they stand for justice , or some other nonsense.

It should be noted that all cops are corrupt because they all belong to the police cult. Please stop saying "not all cops are dirty." Please. For the sake of your survival, Black Man and Woman, don't ever repeat that mantra, "not all cops are dirty" or "most cops are hard working and fair." While all cops will not murder you or club you upside the head you must understand that, like any other cult, cops are sworn to a code of secrecy. A cop may not beat you but he will never testify against another cop that he sees beating/murdering you! Thus, ALL COPS ARE CORRUPT. Every cop who has testified in the past has faced mortal threat from the other police cult members.

The police cult is more powerful than mayors. Mayors, especially Black mayors rarely speak out strongly against the cult. In Philadelphia, Former negro Mayor Wilson Goode said that the reason he did not personally go to the scene during the police cult's murder/arson during the MOVE fiasco was because he had learned that the police were planning to murder him and make it look as though a MOVE member had shot him! This was reported in the Philadelphia Tribune.
This negro mayor was so afraid of the police cult that he kept quiet about their threats against his life!

The police cult is more powerful than the Black President of the United States. Barack Obama was forced to eat his initial words of outrage spoken against the corrupt cop cult of Cambridge, Mass. The racist cop cult member was rewarded for his racism with a meeting with the President. He become an instant celebrity. The only one who stood their ground during the Obama/ Gates "beerfest" was the cop cultist! If Barack had any real power, this cop would have been directing traffic in the middle of the freeway for the rest of his career, or given some other unfavorable assignment!

The police cult is more powerful than the courts. More powerful than the district attorney. They all cower in fear before the sinister FOP.

We Black men are going to have to meet very soon to decide what we are going to do to combat this cult.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


President Obama and Skip Gates owe me. They owe all the Black people in this country that have been and will be beaten, harassed and killed by racist police and negro police who follow the lead of their racist masters.

Obama and gates had a golden opportunity to shine the light on the brutal police roaches. They could have made it a national and even an international issue. But they ran and hid, and skinned and grinned at the command of white terrorists. Yes, TERRORISTS. Skip Gates said he received death threats. Obama was threatened with the disfavor of white folks who said they "did not approve of his handling of the affair." These negroes were terrorized out of their initial righteous and manly approaches to police bullying.

Some say Gates "went overboard" because he was "belligerent" to the officer. To be belligerent means to be hostile or aggressive. Gates was not being aggressive, he was being defensive. Defensive towards the unwarranted home invasion of the police. It was the cop who was belligerent. What the cop really felt was that Gates was being "uppity" and didn't know "his place" and made too much eye contact for the cops liking. In other words, he reacted like a man. Obama initially reacted like a man. Then they folded like cowards.

Gates and Obama owed it to the children of the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia to pursue this case. They owed it to Dante Dawson who was gunned down in his vehicle by police in Philadelphia, though he was unarmed and committing no crime. They owed it to Amadou Diallo, shot over 40 times by racist New York cops. They owed it to Abner Louima, who had the infamous plunger thrust into his rectum by the same New York cops. They owed it to the store owners in Philadelphia who were robbed by the police. Instead Obama and Gates put on a skinning and grinning, Step N Fetch It, can't -we -all -just -get- along minstrel show.

Friday, July 31, 2009


I could not believe my eyes when they showed me that Obama had actually had a beer with Uncle Tom Skip Gates and the racist cop who showed the Uncle Tom his true status in America.

The only beneficiaries of this beer-summit was the racist, Klansman-looking cop and his Nazi-like fellow officers throughout the country. By meeting with this pig (yes, we need to bring back that language) , Obama let this racist off the hook. Obama is saying "just forget about it. Let it go. It's in the past. GET OVER IT." Black people are always told to "get over it." Forgive our tormentors. Turn the other cheek. Don't file lawsuits.

This was an opportunity to expose the Nazi-like Cambridge Police Department and all the racist cops there who stood by their fellow Skinhead , I mean cop. It was a chance to take a look at the pathetic negro slave master- loving cops who also stood by the Grand Dragon, I mean officer.

But this opportunity has been squashed by your president. White folks told Obama that they were not happy with his comments about the Klan, I mean police force. They do not want Obama speaking about "Black" issues unless he's lecturing Blacks about "being responsible".

Obama obeyed his masters yet again. He smiled and grinned and now every thing is alright.
"Toby be good nigga for massa." - Line from Roots

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


NFL quarterback Michael Vick tortured dogs. The CIA tortured and continues to torture Muslims.
Michael Vick was punished for torturing dogs. President Barack Obama has officially declared that no CIA agents will be prosecuted for torturing Muslims.

Torture dogs: jail. Torture Muslims: no jail. The war on Islam continues.

Monday, July 20, 2009



In this verse Allah The Exalted told the Messenger , upon whom be peace that he owed no duty of protection to those Muslims who refused to emigrate to Medinah - the Islamic state.

We say that in a similar fashion, those Muslims who come to America and refuse to support the indigenous Islamic movement and seek to use us to get rich - we have no duty to support them, nor should we, until they repent and establish true brotherhood with us.

The following businesses/activities/ organizations should be avoided until they stop exploiting the indigenous Muslim community:

1. Salaam' Pizza 5101 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia (see 5/25/09);

2. Tri-State Muslim Newspaper (see 7/20/09) ;

3. The Islamic Games (see 7/20/09)

All bloodsuckers will be exposed! We invite our astray , neglectful and possibly racist brothers to return to the sacred unity that Allah has ordained for Believers.


The "Riyaadah" is an annual Islamic athletic event held in various cities featuring competitions in various sports, seminars and important meetings. This year it was held in Philadelphia. It was a spectacular, magnificent event hosted by a core of hard working, dedicated Muslims. It was easily superior to any of the conferences held by the alphabet soup organizations. The camaraderie, sportsmanship and love was overwhelming.

Missing as usual were the Arab, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and other immigrant communities. Not that they were needed. It was they who needed to be present, not us who needed their presence. They are always invited. But rather than attend the Riyaadah, the immigrants organized a counter-Riyaadah called the "Islamic Games."

The "Islamic Games" is a copy cat event designed to imitate the Riyaadah. The founders of the Games asked the Muslim leadership in Philadelphia to support the Games. Of course we cooperated, as we always do, by having our people participate with manpower and money. When we asked the "Games" people to support the Riyaadah, they refused - like they always do. The Islamic Games founder(s) also publish a newspaper called the Tri-State Muslim. The publishers of the paper refused to run any ads publicising the Riyaadah!

It is clear that too many of our immigrant brothers are racist and, as one Imam stated, "The immigrants see the indigenous Muslims as merely a commodity- a group to make money from without offering anything in return."

So here we go: Some of you are going to call ME a racist! All I am doing is informing you of the truth of what is going on because it pains me to see my people being used like prostitutes. No, even worse than prostitutes because it can be argued that that user of prostitutes gets something in return for his money. You , my brothers and sisters, give your money to the immigrants in their clothing stores, conferences, Great Adventure Days, Islamic Games, "halal meat stores" (many of which are not really halal!) etc. BUT YOU GET NOTHING IN RETURN!

But it was a beautiful weekend and much good was accomplished and it was magnificently organized. We look forward to the next one, should Allah bless us to live.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Before his death Michael Jackson was viewed by conscious members of the Black Community as weird; confused about who he was; a hater of his Black self; one who turned away from Black women; effeminate; an example to all Black boys of how NOT to be.

Now, even the most radical Blacks on talk radio are praising Mike like he was Malcolm X or Martin Luther King! Al Sharpton says Michael was not weird. Magic Johnson attributes the global expansion of the NBA to Michael Jackson. Someone said Mike united all the races. WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE LYING ABOUT MIKE???

Who is behind this plot to make Mike a hero just because he sang songs and danced? Was it those who made money off the Mike Memorial event? How does singing and dancing upift us or excuse his anti-Black behavior?

We need a Black psychologist to explain to us: how the media can be used to make us love someone we previously mocked; What are the implications of lauding this man as though he were a savior of humanity?; Since Mike previously was viewed as the antithesis of Black manhood, what does it say to our Black boys now that we "love " him so much?

Muslims began to claim Mike as a Muslim even though the evidence was slim. Jermaine Jackson, who is a Muslim, was silent about Islam, proving that right now, he is yet another useless, spineless, go-along-to-get-along Muslim. Perhaps he will change, May Allah help us all.

To all Muslims, let this be very clear to you: when Allah gives you, the Muslim, a national or even world spotlight, it is your divine duty to call the world's attention to Allah, at least by praising Him and mentioning Him.
Of course, Jermaine failed to do so - but he did not forget to sing!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Beware of what you hear about the election turmoil in Iran for the following reasons:

  • Before the election, there was no hint of massive, violent discontent with President Ahmedinejad - so where did it come from?

  • Immediately after the election, the runner up conceded the election and urged Iranians to accept the election results;

  • The media is using trick photography. After the election, Ahmedinejad gave a victory speech in front of thousands of supporters. Later, that same photograph - minus Ahmadinejad - was shown. This time the caption beneath the photo claimed the crowd was supporting Ahmedinejad's opponent!
  • The media is using close up photos to exaggerate the number of protesters.
Yes, there are protesters. But it seems they are being incited to riot by outside forces in order to destabilize the government of Iran and weaken it in advance of a US attack.. A classic tactic of the CIA.


I was meeting with some Imams and one of them said this:

1:"ALL of the scholars of Islam say we must vote (yes, he said 'ALL');

2: ALL (there's that word again) of the scholars say that Muslims must follow and obey the leadership of those who reject Allah because the Qur'an says 'OBEY ALLAH AND THE MESSENGER AND THOSE IN AUTHORITY' (4:59);

3:Muslims must embrace democracy because of ALL (his favorite word) of the good works that Congressman Keith Ellison (a Muslim) is doing.

4: The Prophet (upon whom be peace) sent letters of cooperation to the leaders of Persia, and Byzantium."

I'm not quite sure who this "imam" works for , but we had to check him on a few points:

  • 1: "All" of the scholars do NOT say Muslims should participate in the democratic process. Traditional scholars recognize that Islam teaches against man made systems of governance, which oppress people, and calls people to divine guidance, which will free people;

  • 2: Any real scholar knows that the Quran says "OBEY ALLAH AND THE MESSENGER AND THOSE IN AUTHORITY 'MINKUM' , meaning 'from amongst yourselves', meaning the Islamic leadership. What kind of divine, revolutionary doctrine would tell you to obey the enemies of God?

  • 3: Exactly what "good works" are being done by Congressman Ellison in the name of Islam? (He could name none.)

  • 4: The "letters of cooperation" were actually letters demanding the surrender of Persia and Byzantium (the super powers of that time) so that Islam could come and liberate the people there.

What's surprising about this "imam" is not that he's a cowardly, effeminate, castrated, knuckle dragging, foot shuffling, spineless puppet - because there are many of those today. What is amazing and a bit insulting is that he thought we were stupid and that we did not know enough of Islam to reject his obsequious rantings.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The Israeli military has seized Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and her ship full of relief supplies which was meant for the people of Palestine. A little background info:

* Congresswoman McKinney is a Black woman;
* Congresswoman McKinney has always been about standing up for Black people;
*Congresswoman McKinney has always supported the Palestinians in their plight against genocidal zionists;
*Congresswoman McKinney has constantly come under fire from zionists and other racists.

Congresswoman McKinney was attempting to help Palestinians who were bombed unmercifully by zionist israelis, while America and the world watched. The zionist israeli pirates abducted a former US congresswoman and President Barack Obama has said nothing. Not a word of outrage about the kidnapping of a Black woman. This is the same Barack who:
  • spoke out about the Iranian elections;
  • spoke out about a "journalist" who was arrested by Iran and charged with spying;
  • spoke out against "pirates" in Somalia;
  • and spoke out against the pastor of his church because whites told him to.

Yet this same Barack cannot comment on the abduction of a Black, United States Congresswoman who was on a humanitarian mission!

To all of the Muslim sell out "imams" and organizations like cair, isna, icna, mas etc: Obama is the man that you love. Obama is who you lobbied for. Congresswoman McKinney was helping Muslims in a bolder fashion than you ever will. Your man Obama "could not be reached for comment." Why don't you come to Congresswoman McKinney's defense? Why don't you call Barack the coward that he is?

Thursday, June 25, 2009


President Barack Obama blasted Iran today for it's treatment of election dissenters. Allegedly, protesters are being beaten by Iranian authorities. By condemning Iran, a nation he had previously offered to dialogue with, Obama has bowed to Republicans who demanded that Obama speak out.

First, how can Obama condemn police beatings in Iran when right here in America the police beat and shoot Black people daily? In Philadelphia, New York, Boston and every other city the police treat Blacks in an inhuman, disrespectful, brutal, homicidal fashion. Sometimes it gets caught on videotape. Most of the time it isn't. Why doesn't our illustrious president speak about that? It's happening right now in Washington D.C, so he doesn't have to look very far.

Also, notice how Barack bowed down to his masters when they told him. He claimed to be independent of the Republicans (read: White corporations who really run America), yet in the end he obeyed. He will always obey massa. It's what house negroes do.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


You know what is strange? When you tell Muslims, particularly Black Muslims, about the great history of Black Africans in Islam, they call you a racist. "No, brutha, you see , there is no racism in zeee Islam. In Islam we do not uhhh, speak about zeee race, " they say in their best Arab accent - even though they were born and raised in North Philadelphia.

But if you talk about the issues facing Muslims in Palestine it's okay. Likewise, it's fine to talk about the situations of Muslims in, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Pakistan, Egypt and Arabia. But if we talk about the issues of Black Muslims in America and our history - our own people call us racist!

If we talk about our fantastic history of contributions to Islam, not only do immigrants dislike it, but immigrant-trained Black Muslims hate it too. (See previous blog BEYOND BILAL for further details about the great contributions of Blacks to Islam).

But check this out: Those same Muslims who call us racists are blindly, fanatically, religiously in absolute love with Barak Obama - just because he's Black!

These Barack lovers ignore the fact that America is killing Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan even as you read this! While Barack is giving great speeches, his troops are killing civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan right now! The Barack lovers have ignored Islamic teachings about THE RELIGION OF DEMOCRACY (See previous blog: NONVOTING: A TOOL OF EMPOWERMENT FOR MUSLIMS) . These Muslims have ignored their own religion, their own Qur'an, their own Prophet (upon whom be peace), the teachings of Malcolm X (remember "House Negro" vs. Field Negro"?) and the holocaust being suffered by their fellow believers - just because Barack is black!
The Messenger of Allah, (upon whom be peace) taught that it is not
racism that you love your tribe. Rather, it is racism when your tribe is
on the side of wrong and you support them anyway.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Black people hate the police because all police are corrupt. Without exception. Even if a cop does not necessarily commit crimes, he most certainly will not arrest or tell on another cop who beats, murders, robs, plants evidence or lies in court. Black people are quite familiar with the Blue Wall of Silence. (These same cops will tell the community to "snitch", yet cops never "snitch on each other.)

The function of the police in the Black community is to write traffic tickets. If you go down to traffic court on any day of the week at any time you will see that 90% of the defendants are Black!

Cops do not arrest slumlords. Cops do not arrest the Korean 40 oz. malt liquor dealers or the Korean drug paraphernalia sellers. Cops cannot arrest bankers who redline the Black community. Somehow, cops can't seem to arrest those who ship drugs into the Black community. Cops cannot arrest the officals who turn off people's water , gas and electricity. Cops do not arrest the white-controlled school district teachers who mis-educate our youth.

The sole purpose of cops is to keep the Black community oppressed. Period. The increase in Black cops has led to an increase in Blacks in jail and in traffic court. There is no benefit to the Black community from the police. There is only harm, distrust, hatred and disrespect from cops. That's why Black people hate cops.

A Muslim should never become a cop! A Muslim is a representative of the righteous way of life known as Islam. Islam is in direct opposition to the evil of this society. A cop is the protector of this society.

When a Muslim becomes a cop, he becomes one of "them." A Muslim cop loses the trust that Black people have historically put in Muslims. Some of the greatest revolutionaries and Black leaders have either been Muslims or been influenced by Muslims.

Muslim, you cannot change the system from within. You cannot change a brothel by becoming a prostitute.

Look at the former police commissioner sylvester johnson (capital letters omitted purposely because we hold this negro in utter contempt). He was allegedly a Muslim. While "in the system" he defended the right of a trans sexual cop to remain on the police gang, I mean force; he defended the right of a corrupt police supervisor to return to work after getting drunk, smashing his police car and falsifying a police report to cover his actions.

Then this "Muslim" commissioner fought against the Muslim cops who wanted to maintain some Islamic identity by wearing a beard and khimar. In fact, it was the traitor johnson's testimony in court that defeated the attempt by a Muslim lady cop to wear a khimar while on duty. The court reasoned that "since johnson is a "Muslim" then there is no discrimination occuring on the police force. The stooge johnson was used as a willing tool to oppress Muslims when he could have opened the door for Muslims to practice their religion more freely in the department. sylvester johnson is the biggest Uncle Tom since wilson goode. So you can't change the system from within because the system makes you a Tom. Or maybe the Toms are attracted to the system.



The immigrant businesses that take the money from the Black Muslims of America but give nothing back must be boycotted. We will begin to compile a list of both the supportive businesses and the non-supportive, leech-like businesses in our community, Allah willing.

First on the list of businesses that we must not support is Salam's Pizza at 5101 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia. This is a business that we have supported for over a decade. They were requested to take out an ad in a brochure for a fundraisers for a local Muslim school with mostly Black children. The ads were as low as $25. They refused.

The Palestinians who run Salam's have gotten nothing but love from the community. In fact, a Black brother from the masjid near there had to close down his restaurant because all the brothers and sisters from his masjid ran to get hoagies and breakfast from the Palestinians and left his restaurant to die! We always support those who abuse us and turn our backs on our own true brothers.

Allah willing, we will also be exposing those immigrants who are selling fake halal meats to our people. Times are too serious to sugarcoat things. Our friends and our enemies must be known very clearly.


Sunday, May 24, 2009


Prominent and beloved world Muslim leader Imam Siraj Wahhaj is in need of money to pay his medical bills. Imam Siraj has graciously raised money for the Arab and Pakistani communities for decades. He needs $125,000 for his bills.

The same Pakistanis and Arabs have turned their backs on Imam Siraj and the Black American Muslim communities by raising a paltry sum that is really a drop in the bucket for them. They could pay that money easily. And yes, we know it.

Imam Siraj would not endorse this view. He is far too gracious for that.
The MANA leadership will not endorse this view because they are afraid to anger the few immigrants who may give them a few dollars in the future.

MANA (Muslim Alliance of North America) was originally established to address the concerns of indigenous Muslims in America. Instead what we see from MANA is a recent condemnation of a supposed plot to blow up a jewish synagogue in New York.

Frankly, we, the indigenous ( read "Black"), rank and file Believers don't care about anybody's synagogue. We are not walking around crying about the Jews. Likewise , the Jews are not crying about us. When the Jews feel the need to condemn their murder of the people of Palestine, perhaps we will be concerned with their synagogue safety.

We do not look for our leaders to apologize every time massa tells them. Oddly, these same Jews that MANA feels so concerned about: if their leader needed a mere $125,000 they would raise it. Immediately. Within hours.

The immigrant community has pimped the Black Muslim community for decades. They suck our money up at all of their conventions, Islamic Games, Great Adventure Days, fundraisers etc. They have hidden behind they net of safety that Black Muslims established in this country. But they have given back only a few smiles and token assistance.

While no official from MANA will publicly say this, and they may even condemn me, privately, they all know it's true. And the immigrants abandonment of Imam Siraj in his time of need is a sign that, while their is no racism in Islam, there are racist Muslims.

We Muslims in America had better start respecting our true, uncompromising leaders, supporting them and protecting them because no one else will.

Will MANA fulfill its mission or will it be another sell-out, condemn -the -Muslims, appease- the - Jews, things-are getting- better, pacification, counter revolutionary, beggar organization beholden to the enemies of Allah?

Sunday, April 19, 2009


President Obama has refused to attend the UN conference on racism. His stated reason is that he expects the conference will call for censure against Zionism and a ban against insults to the Prophet Muhammad and Islam. He said the language of such a conference is "objectionable" and that it violates the principle of free speech.

Two things are very clear from Obama's statement:

Slandering the Messenger of Allah is "free speech": and

Saying anything bad about Israel and Zionism is "objectionable".

While this may astound the Obama-loving Muslims who have been duped by his blackness, it is no amazement to those who heard Obama declare that "the relationship between the US and Israel is sacrosanct." To be clear, sacrosanct means "untouchable, sacred, holy." Israel is sacred. The Prophet Muhammad is not, according to Obama.

Remember that next time the White House invites your sell-out, compromised Muslim "leaders" to have tea with the president.

Also, what needs to be discussed: what are the implications of a Black President who refuses to attend an international conference on racism?

Friday, April 17, 2009


Today, President Obama declared that it is perfectly fine to torture Muslims. He has "absolved" all CIA agents who tortured Muslims. No agent will be prosecuted. Muslims should just get over it. It's in the past.

The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said that a Muslim's blood, property and honor are sacred. Barak Obama says Muslim blood is cheap.

Change we can believe in? Isn't that the slogan all of the Barak-loving Muslims were chanting along with Barak? Didn't the sell-out organizations like CAIR praise Obama last week because he "reached out to the Muslim world"? Yeah, he reached out alright. OBAMA REACHED OUT AND SLAPPED THE CRAP OUT OF THE MUSLIMS!

But you will still see the slave imams and the cowardly organizations like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, MANA, ZAYTUNA etc. seeking to lick the feet of Obama and trying to sell the Muslim community to the highest bidder.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"WHO ARE THE REAL PIRATES" Questions you need to ask

Before you believe the "official "story about the "pirates of Somalia, you need to ask some questions. After all, isn't America the government that brought you the story of the Weapons of Non-Existence?

Why are these Western ships going into Somalia?
Didn't at least one ship have all types of weapons? Weren't these weapons being shipped into already war torn Africa?

If you say the ships are bringing aide to Somalia, EXACTLY WHEN DID THE WHITE MAN START LOVING THE PEOPLE OF SOMALIA???

Why are they dumping toxic waste into the waters there?
Why are they stealing the fish? Why are they not only stealing the fish, but they use the crude fishing method of dropping explosives into the water which not only kills the fish but it destroys the coral and the ecosystem.

Why are negroes saying, "WE' did the right thing by killing those pirates." When did negroes become a part of the "WE"? Do any of the boats that trespass the Somali waters benefit Black people? So where did the "WE" come from. Like Malcolm X said, " , when the master is sick, the house nigger says, 'is WE sick massa?"

Some negroes are saying, "if I were in that situation, I would want the navy seals to take that shot and rescue me." Negro, why do you think the Navy Seals would take that shot for YOU? Do the police treat you the same as white folks? Did the government rescue your people during Hurricane Katrina? So why do you think they'd take the shot for YOU?

The Islamic Courts Union (ICU) established peace in Somalia after decades of strife. WHY DID THE UNITED STATES THEN PRESSURE ETHIOPIA TO ATTACK THE ICU AND PLUNGE SOMALIA BACK INTO CHAOS? Who benefits from the disorder in Somalia?


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Philly cops have been caught robbing immigrant grocers. And beating people. And disrespecting people. So what's new?

The curious thing about the racist and thug police force is that when someone injures a cop, the assailant is immediately tried and convicted in the media. But when criminal cops are caught red handed, the FOP cautions the public not to "rush to judgement." "The criminal activities of the cops are "being investigated."

These investigations go on forever, or at least until the public forgets about it, even in the face of video tape that shows the criminal cops in action!

And the negro Mayor Nutter says nothing. He does nothing. He is impotent. Ineffective. A traitor to his people and to the people of Philadelphia. The cops are out of control and people are not going to stand for it.


President Barak Obama went to Turkey and swore that America is not, nor will ever be at war with Islam. He said this while U.S. bombs fall on Pakistan regularly. And of course he said it after his famous (infamous) statement that the U.S. - Israel relationship is "sacrosanct". Did he say his relationship with Muslims was sacrosanct?

Naturally, all of the alphabet soup, sell out organizations like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MSA, MANA, MAS etc. will proclaim Barak's statement to be some type of great step forward in Islamic - U.S. relations. This is because the leaders of these organizations want to have their pictures taken with the president and be invited to the White House for tea - while the US continues to kill Muslims and fight against the Muslims in Somalia who brought stability to the land after years of fighting.

These sell-outs should remember that George Bush made similar comments about his respect for Islam, even as he killed Muslims!

The obvious motive of the White House is to divide and conquer the Muslims and to get the greedy traitors to help the US fight against Muslims who stand up for the dignity of Islam.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Philadelphia Police Commissioner and Mayor Slander Muslims

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and his Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey went public with their ignorance of Islam by stating that Philadelphia Police are being killed by radical Muslims who are being taught by radicals in Saudi Arabia! This statement put the lives of all African American Muslim men in danger any time they are stopped by police. More than usually is the case, anyway.

Imams from the Majlis Ash Shura of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley met with the mayor to discuss his slander, which gave police the implicit right to murder Mulim men on sight.

The meeting was surprising. Not because the mayor attempted to get the Muslims to just let the whole thing slide. It was surprising because of some of the other attendees of the meeting. Among them were Imams who never meet with the Muslims! Yet here they are with the mayor!. Some of these absolutely bowed down to the mayor and refused to challenge his attempt to whitewash the situation. One prominent Muslim professional smiled dutifully throughout the meeting and laughed on cue at all of the mayors corny jokes. I thought the negro was gonna do a tap dance!

Some of the Muslims appeared to be seeking a contract with the mayor rather than addressing the issue. I still don't know why the Arab leader was present, since the issue specifically concerned African American Muslim men. Again, this Arab leader is never present when the Muslim leadership meets.

I told the mayor that he needs to show concern and visit the citizens who are shot in killadelphia, instead of just visiting police officers who are shot. I told him that when police officers are shot 100 police respond, doors are kicked in, people are rounded up, rights are violated and a suspect is produced and deemed guilty within hours. But we don't see this level of police concern when "regular" people are shot. He became visibly annoyed with me and when I wouldn't accept his beating around the bush, non-answers, one slave negro sitting next to me told me I need to be "patient."

What a strange meeting!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Beyond Bilal: Contributions of Blacks To Islam

Most Muslims, when asked about the contributions of Blacks to Islam can only talk about the great Companion Bilal. It is an article of faith in Islam that no race of people is superior to another. However, there has been a concerted effort to erase the contributions of Blacks to Islam. This effort has resulted in a negative perception of Blacks by immigrants to America and has caused Blacks to disrespect themselves and their leaders and to lack confidence in their own potential. Since you can't do great things unless you know you have done great things in the past, and with a view to uplift our own image of ourselves so that we can compete in the world, we present some of the great Blacks in the history of Islam:

  • Hajar: Wife of the Prophet Ibrahim. The Prophet Ismail, son of Ibrahim is regarded as the father of the Arabs. Ismail's mother, Hajar, was an African woman. Thus all Arabs are descendants of a Black woman! Indeed, Dr. Bertraim Thomas, former Prime Minister to the Sultan of Muscat and Oman wrote: "The original inhabitants of Arabia...were not the familiar Arabs of our time, but a very much darker people." Quoted in Story of The Moors In Spain by Stanley Lane-Poole.

  • Zayd Ibn Harithah. Zayd, a Black African, has the distinction as the only companion of the Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) who is mentioned by name in the Holy Qur'an! (Qur'an 33:37). He was one of the first 5 converts o Islam and died as a martyr.

  • Usaamah Bin Zayd Ibn Harithah He was the son of the previously mentioned Zayd Bnin Harithah. Zayd was honored by he Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in a way that other companions envied: Zayd was given command of an army that fought against the mighty Byzantine empire. This Muslim army included Abu Bakr Siddique, Umar and Uthman. Zayd was commander over these eminent companions! At the time Zayd was only 18 years old! Some of the companions protested Zayd's appointment. The Prophet himself silenced those who protested! Zayd helped wash the body of the Noble Prophet (peace be upon him) upon his death.

  • Luqman This wise African man has the 31st chapter of the Qur'an named after him!

  • Askia Muhammad This African king of the 15Th century established the Songhai Empire as the largest in West African history. He rapidly established trade with Europe and Asia and established many institutions of learning.

  • The Moors The Moors were North African Muslims who conquered Spain and ruled it for 600 years. The Moors brought astronomy, architecture, medicine,mathematics, street lights and cleanliness to Europe and rescued Europe from the dark Ages. The Moors established bathing facilities for the Europeans who believed it was a sin to wash. The unsanitary habits of the Europeans brought measles, mumps and polio to the world.Many modern Muslim writers have attempted to distort history by portraying the Moors as white skinned! Far too much evidence proves that the Moors were Black. All the writers of that era described the Moors as Black. The word "moor" means "black" in Latin. Shakespeare's Othello is a Moor and Shakespeare portrayed his as black. The Philadelphia Art Museum has ancient pictures of the Moors as Black people including a famous picture of a Black Moorish chief.

  • Mansa Musa This 14Th century African king was a great benefactor of Islamic scholarship. He is famous for his pilgrimage to Mecca which awakened the world to the stupendous wealth of the Kingdom of Mali. His caravan included 60,000 men, 100 camels with 300 pounds of gold each, 500 slaves each carrying a 4 pound staff of solid gold. So much gold did Mansa Musa give away that he destabilized the economy in several countries! The Kingdom of Mali had an advanced level of urban living compared with the relative backwardness of Europe.

  • Uthman Dan Fodi This famous African scholar of scholars led a jihad in northern Nigeria in the early 19th century that created an Islamic empire 180,00 square miles.

  • Muhammad Ahmad Though most Muslims dispute the claim that he was the "Mahdi", none can dispute the fact that while Britain had colonized much of the Arab world, Muhammad Ahmad led a jihad in 1881 against the British General Gordan and established Sudan as an independent state.

  • Black Muslims of America! There can be no doubt that Blacks have always been the backbone of the Islamic movement in America. Too many of our people have fought police batons, police dogs, judges, courts and been killed and/or imprisoned in order to make it safe for Muslims to wear veils, khimars, throbes, beards, have Islamic names, masjids and be respected in America, while many immigrants cowered in fear. No Islamic organization could effectively or safely exist in America without the previous efforts of Blacks. Not Cair, ISNA, MSA, ICNA, OR ANY OTHER GROUP COULD HAVE GROWN WITHOUT THE EFFORTS OF Blacks NOR WILL THEY SURVIVE WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF Blacks! SO LET US BE RECOGNIZED AND RESPECTED. AND MOST IMPORTANT: LET US RESPECT OURSELVES.