Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The Israeli military has seized Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and her ship full of relief supplies which was meant for the people of Palestine. A little background info:

* Congresswoman McKinney is a Black woman;
* Congresswoman McKinney has always been about standing up for Black people;
*Congresswoman McKinney has always supported the Palestinians in their plight against genocidal zionists;
*Congresswoman McKinney has constantly come under fire from zionists and other racists.

Congresswoman McKinney was attempting to help Palestinians who were bombed unmercifully by zionist israelis, while America and the world watched. The zionist israeli pirates abducted a former US congresswoman and President Barack Obama has said nothing. Not a word of outrage about the kidnapping of a Black woman. This is the same Barack who:
  • spoke out about the Iranian elections;
  • spoke out about a "journalist" who was arrested by Iran and charged with spying;
  • spoke out against "pirates" in Somalia;
  • and spoke out against the pastor of his church because whites told him to.

Yet this same Barack cannot comment on the abduction of a Black, United States Congresswoman who was on a humanitarian mission!

To all of the Muslim sell out "imams" and organizations like cair, isna, icna, mas etc: Obama is the man that you love. Obama is who you lobbied for. Congresswoman McKinney was helping Muslims in a bolder fashion than you ever will. Your man Obama "could not be reached for comment." Why don't you come to Congresswoman McKinney's defense? Why don't you call Barack the coward that he is?

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