Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The Israeli military has seized Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and her ship full of relief supplies which was meant for the people of Palestine. A little background info:

* Congresswoman McKinney is a Black woman;
* Congresswoman McKinney has always been about standing up for Black people;
*Congresswoman McKinney has always supported the Palestinians in their plight against genocidal zionists;
*Congresswoman McKinney has constantly come under fire from zionists and other racists.

Congresswoman McKinney was attempting to help Palestinians who were bombed unmercifully by zionist israelis, while America and the world watched. The zionist israeli pirates abducted a former US congresswoman and President Barack Obama has said nothing. Not a word of outrage about the kidnapping of a Black woman. This is the same Barack who:
  • spoke out about the Iranian elections;
  • spoke out about a "journalist" who was arrested by Iran and charged with spying;
  • spoke out against "pirates" in Somalia;
  • and spoke out against the pastor of his church because whites told him to.

Yet this same Barack cannot comment on the abduction of a Black, United States Congresswoman who was on a humanitarian mission!

To all of the Muslim sell out "imams" and organizations like cair, isna, icna, mas etc: Obama is the man that you love. Obama is who you lobbied for. Congresswoman McKinney was helping Muslims in a bolder fashion than you ever will. Your man Obama "could not be reached for comment." Why don't you come to Congresswoman McKinney's defense? Why don't you call Barack the coward that he is?

Thursday, June 25, 2009


President Barack Obama blasted Iran today for it's treatment of election dissenters. Allegedly, protesters are being beaten by Iranian authorities. By condemning Iran, a nation he had previously offered to dialogue with, Obama has bowed to Republicans who demanded that Obama speak out.

First, how can Obama condemn police beatings in Iran when right here in America the police beat and shoot Black people daily? In Philadelphia, New York, Boston and every other city the police treat Blacks in an inhuman, disrespectful, brutal, homicidal fashion. Sometimes it gets caught on videotape. Most of the time it isn't. Why doesn't our illustrious president speak about that? It's happening right now in Washington D.C, so he doesn't have to look very far.

Also, notice how Barack bowed down to his masters when they told him. He claimed to be independent of the Republicans (read: White corporations who really run America), yet in the end he obeyed. He will always obey massa. It's what house negroes do.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


You know what is strange? When you tell Muslims, particularly Black Muslims, about the great history of Black Africans in Islam, they call you a racist. "No, brutha, you see , there is no racism in zeee Islam. In Islam we do not uhhh, speak about zeee race, " they say in their best Arab accent - even though they were born and raised in North Philadelphia.

But if you talk about the issues facing Muslims in Palestine it's okay. Likewise, it's fine to talk about the situations of Muslims in, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Pakistan, Egypt and Arabia. But if we talk about the issues of Black Muslims in America and our history - our own people call us racist!

If we talk about our fantastic history of contributions to Islam, not only do immigrants dislike it, but immigrant-trained Black Muslims hate it too. (See previous blog BEYOND BILAL for further details about the great contributions of Blacks to Islam).

But check this out: Those same Muslims who call us racists are blindly, fanatically, religiously in absolute love with Barak Obama - just because he's Black!

These Barack lovers ignore the fact that America is killing Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan even as you read this! While Barack is giving great speeches, his troops are killing civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan right now! The Barack lovers have ignored Islamic teachings about THE RELIGION OF DEMOCRACY (See previous blog: NONVOTING: A TOOL OF EMPOWERMENT FOR MUSLIMS) . These Muslims have ignored their own religion, their own Qur'an, their own Prophet (upon whom be peace), the teachings of Malcolm X (remember "House Negro" vs. Field Negro"?) and the holocaust being suffered by their fellow believers - just because Barack is black!
The Messenger of Allah, (upon whom be peace) taught that it is not
racism that you love your tribe. Rather, it is racism when your tribe is
on the side of wrong and you support them anyway.