Monday, December 27, 2010

Philadelphia's Corrupt Unions and Clueless Leaders

I recently attended another meeting between Mayor Nutter and Philadelphia's Muslim leaders.
One person mentioned the need for well paying jobs for Black men and how the unions have white men from New Jersey dominating the construction sites in Philadelphia while Black men who live in Philadelphia can only watch. The Mayor said he'd "talk" to union representatives about the problem.

Philadelphia is corrupt to its very core. It is the very definition of corruption. The unions are the most corrupt of all Philadelphia institutions. Each union is a mafia like organization that locks Blacks out of ever getting good paying jobs in the building trade. City council passed some ordinance recently requiring unions to give some share of the pie to Blacks and "minorities". Union boss John Dougherty was quoted in the Daily News as saying he "didn't care what City Council said!"

The unions are gangsters who have completely stripped jobs from Blacks in Philly. And make no mistake: the unions will fight to the death - literally - before they will give up those jobs to Blacks. They will kill, kidnap, threaten and beat anyone who attempts to straighten out the employment inequities in this city. You cannot "talk" away this situation, as our completely clueless mayor would like to do. He has no idea that he is dealing with criminals who hold him in utter contempt.

The racist, criminal unions have a strangle hold on the building trades. You cannot vote this situation away. You cannot legislate this situation away. The union bosses are outlaws - they care nothing about the law. And the police will never enforce any laws against the unions because the police are run by the biggest and most heavily armed union - the FOP - Fraternal Order of Police. Everyone knows that unions stick together.

The result of the union control of jobs is that our youth have little future. More and more will turn to crime. Protests and demonstrations will not end the union death grip on jobs. You will literally have to fight in the streets with these criminals for the right to be breadwinners for your families. The unions are the mafia. You have to make them an offer they can't refuse.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mosque Bombings - Chickens Coming Home To Roost

In the US, masjids (mosques) are being burned, bombed and shot at. People are driving automobiles into and through masjids. Muslims are being attacked coming to prayer, leaving prayer and during prayer. The chickens have come home to roost, as Shaykh Al- Hajj Malik Al Shabazz famously stated.

Most, if not all, of these attacks are upon immigrant Muslims. Most, if not all, of the masjids that have come under attack are located in predominately White areas. That is because the immigrant Muslim community has shunned it's Black Muslim brothers and sisters and preferred to live amongst White Americans. We Black Muslims love our immigrant brothers and sisters, but they love us not. So they choose to live and worship amongst people who hate them.

Our immigrant brothers and sisters are pursuing the "American Dream." We could have told them that the American Dream is a myth. Our immigrant brothers and sisters believe America is governed by a "Constitution." We could have told them that America is run by lobbyist, special interest groups, unions, fraternities and secret societies that specialize in making sure the Constitution benefits only themselves. We could have told them that the ritual of voting has nothing to do with governance. We could have told them, in the words of Dr. Amos Wilson, that in America "you are free to say what you want, but the White man does what he wants."

So our immigrant brothers and sisters shun us. They spend their considerable wealth building Islamic centers that don't benefit us. They spend millions sponsoring candidates for office - like George W. Bush - but donate very little to our masjids and organizations. We love to worship with our immigrant brothers and sisters but they don't come to our masjids , special events or Eid celebrations. We are made to feel unwelcome or ignored at their masjids, but White politicians are welcomed and honored there.

Our immigrant brothers and sisters want to be accepted by racist White America, and not by their Black Muslim brethren. Now our immigrant brothers and sisters are learning the hard way who their real friends are. The chickens have come home to roost.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The White House Iftar: New Slaves Replace Old

The past few US Presidents have hosted a "White House Iftar" where Muslims break their Ramadan fast at the White House. The actual purposes of the "White House Iftar" are:

1) To pretend that the global slaughter of Muslims is not an attack on Islam;

2) To divide the Muslims against each other: The "good" Muslims are those who lift neither hand nor tongue against the massacre of Muslims. The "bad" Muslims are those who fight or speak out against the global genocide being perpetrated against Muslims.

The "good" Muslims are invited to the White House to be patted on the head for accepting their castration peaceably.

3) To show the Muslims who their leaders should be. Of course, those leaders are the frightened cowards who show up at these events and sheepishly applaud the President's every word.

Surprisingly, the White House has chosen an almost entirely new cast of boot licking Muslim "representatives". I expected to see the usual cast of spineless "Imams" and alphabet soup Islamic organization "Presidents". Instead , the usual slaves have been replaced by diplomats.

The only regular I think was the female 4- letter organization leader who so eagerly shook hands with George Bush.

What this means is that all you cowards and sell-outs who clamored for approval from your White House master - YOU HAVE BEEN REPLACED! All your obsequious knuckle dragging, foot-shuffling, head scratching subservience has got you nothing! Most of the new crew of White House puppets are immigrants! The Uncle Ruckus negro "Imams" have been replaced as well!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Muslim men are the largest and perhaps only group of men in the Black community that still marry Black women. For the most part, marriage in the Black community, particularly among the 20- 30 yr old, is dead! While there are some Christians or others who still marry - the main group that still regularly marries are the Muslims.

Yes, there are problems with the marriages. But those problems did not come from Islam. They come from our being raised in a non Islamic and anti Islamic environment, where we learned anti Islamic ways, customs, attitudes, habits, and Euro centric thought patterns.

Islam combats the negative, self destructive mores of America and seeks to replace them with clean, respectful relationships. Some of us have cleaned up more than others.

We expect Euro centric Christians and Euro centric, Christianized negroes to attack Islam with their tongues. But it has become fashionable now for our so called Black nationalist brethren to stretch forth their tongues against Muslims as well.

I say "so-called" Black nationalists because one must question the motives of those who attack the Muslims when the Muslims have been a historical ally to Blacks. Not the racist, stand offish, wanna-be White Arab/ Pakistani / Bangladeshi/ immigrants who sell swine, lottery tickets, cigarettes, drug paraphernalia , alcohol and fake halal meat to our people. It is the Imam Jamil Al- Amins and Malik El- Shabazzs (Malcolm X), that have been the friends of the Black community. It is the countless Black Muslims that are community leaders and mediators that have been friends to the Black community. To attack such people is a divide and conquer strategy that should be rather transparent.

Yes, Muslims have faults, just like every one else born and raised in a land that worships sex, money and violence. Often the marriages don't work out or the Brother may bite off more than he can chew. But Muslim men, more than any other group are raising the children that have been abandoned by negroes including the fake Black nationalists!

A Muslim brother will marry a sister with five, six or seven kids without blinking an eye! That brother will pay tuition, feed, clothe and play with these fatherless children just like their own. Often these children suffer from severe emotional and psychological trauma from their fatherless condition which causes them to act out. The Muslim man will struggle to teach morals and discipline to children that have been left behind by some worthless negro - who's probably a fake Black nationalist! Malcolm X established both the Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the Organization of Afro American Unity (OOAU) in order to UNITE the Muslims and Black Nationalists for the freedom of all Black people! A real Black nationalist unites- he does not divide!

Quietly, because Muslims tend to be quiet people, millions of Black children are are being raised by Black Muslim men who sometimes lose their lives or their freedom protecting the woman from her crazy-behind, no account baby -daddy.

Remember that the next time some loud mouth, you-tube revolutionary, fake Black nationalist attacks Islam.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The Arabs in Philadelphia have long distanced themselves from the indigenous Black Muslim community in every city in America. They do not live with us, work with us or cooperate with us. They have always been invited to be our brothers, but they have refused. Not verbally have they refused, but by their actions they make it clear that they have a different agenda than the Muslims who established Islam in America. The Arabs are here to make money. Period. To do this they will capitulate to any and all politicians and entities whether or not those entities are against Islam and the Muslims. The Arabs in America will water down Islam to make their money. They will sell pork, lottery tickets, wine,fake halal meat, cigarettes, drug paraphernalia, and rotten food to Black Americans and then take the money and build mosques! The Arabs supported George Bush -that says it all!

Now it has reached the stage where the Arabs not only distance themselves from us but now they actively work to undermine the efforts of the Black Muslim indigenous community. The latest trick of the Arabs is to form a NEW Majlis Ash Shura and give it another name. The original Majlis Ash Shura is the united body of leaders who came together to work for the good of the Muslims. The Arabs have claimed to be a part of the Majlis but their active support is , of course, lacking- no not lacking - it is ABSENT!

So, because the Arabs don't want to work with us, they formed another group, with another name in ORDER TO DISUNITE THE BELIEVERS and pursue their unholy agenda under the guise of unity. Unfortunately some of the indigenous Imams have joined on to this cause and allowed themselves to be used. An Arab is the head of this fake majlis. Imagine: an ARAb comes to America and leads American Black Muslims. Could a Black man go to Palestine and be a leader? Could a Black man go to Pakistan and form a "majlis"? Lebanon? Saudi Arabia? Bangladesh? How arrogant does one need to be to come to our home and lead us?

There can be no doubt that this fake majlis will pursue such aims as abolishing the moonsighting, back room deals with politicians and other sell-out, shameful compromises to further their cowardly, materialistic agenda.

For now this fake majlis will remain unnamed here, but you will know them by their efforts to undermine the true unity and their betrayal of Islam. And we are watching them. More importantly: Allah is The Watcher.

Correction: We are going to name the organization that has formed to disunite the believers. We have decided to do so because we owe it to our youth to document the treachery of today so that it will not be repeated in the future. The name of the group is The Council of Islamic Organizations of Pennsylvania (CIOPA). It is interesting that some of the Black Imams that have joined the Arab led CIOPA could not find it in their hearts to fullfil their commitment to the Majlis Ash Shura .
Maybe if the Majlis had an Arab leader instead of a Black leader, those indigenous Imams would honor their promise.

For those who don't know us - we don't care if a leader is Arab as long as he sticks to the Qur'an. We do care when the Arab's actions stink of islationism , Arab supremacy, double dealing and sabotage .

Seemingly, the "CIOPA" is formed in the image of the CIOGC - Council of Islamic Organizaions of Greater Chicago- CIOGC. The CIOGC is another Arab led group in Chicago that has hijacked Islam and tamed the Islamic movement. Lately CIOGC advised the Muslims on how to handle the so called flu epidemic: "don't shake hands or hug when giving he greetings of salaam; get not only one, but two vaccinations: the h1n1 vaccine and the regular flu shot."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The sister came to our masjid seeking help. She said her husband gave her an STD and has been beating her for years. When her husband learned she was at our masjid he came and brought a member of his "jamaat" or group with him. They entered the masjid as if they wanted a violent confrontation. They began screaming at the sister saying, "you shouldn't be here."

Naturally, I did not let their aggression go unchallenged. There was no way I was going to let them scream at this sister who had sought refuge from an abusive husband. They postured, made insinuated threats,and kept one hand in their pockets as though carrying weapons.

The sister insisted that she was not going to return home to an abusive husband and she wanted out of the marriage. I defended her right to choose freedom from abuse. The wife beater and his friend claimed that "Islamicly, no one can make the man give the wife her freedom if he did not want to. And since the husband was not freeing her, they said, I have no right to intervene. Allah says about the wife beaters:

I told them to stop lying on Islam and stop lying to the sister. The friend of the wife beater, who had so much "knowledge", then asked me for "daleel" - Islamic evidence that a woman can free herself from an abusive relationship. Seriously. He actually wanted to debate this issue!

The negro started to speak Arabic as if that made his position valid! Like all hypocrites: 'THEY SEEK TO PLEASE YOU WITH THEIR SPEECH - QUR'AN SURAH MUNAFIQUN:4

They would not sit down and talk, seeking to intimidate me. Little did they realize the fury and justice that would have been unleashed upon them had they acted upon their veiled threats. Then, a brother from masjid security arrived. Now the wife beater and his friend were facing something they had obviously never seen before - two men willing to defend a sister.

Fools like this can be found in every city. They are "Muslims" who beat and abuse women - The wife beater cult. They do not belong to any masjid because they claim that no Imam has any "knowledge". Allah says about these hypocrites: WHEN THE HYPOCRITES ARE TOLD TO UNITE WITH THE BELIEVERS IN IDEOLOGY, THE HYPOCRITES SAY "SHALL WE BELIEVE AS THE FOOLS BELIEVE?" INDEED, THE HYPOCRITES ARE THE FOOLS BUT THEY REALIZE IT NOT. QURAN 2:13

They say they follow some "Shaykhs" who live thousands of miles away. The real reason they follow some distant scholar is because the scholar does not really know them and cannot hold them accountable for their actions. They abuse women and say that women have no right to flee the abuse. They do not allow their wives to learn true Islam because it will interfere with their abusive ways. WHEN THE HYPOCRITES ARE TOLD TO STOP SPREADING CORRUPTION THEY SAY, "WE ARE ONLY TRYING TO FIX THINGS" (Today they say, "We only want to spread the Sunnah "!) INDEED THEY ARE THE CORRUPTORS BUT THEY REALIZE IT NOT. QUR'AN 2:11-12

Sisters must beware of marrying men who do not submit to the authority of an Imam. If there is no one who can advise a man to follow the Qur'an and Sunnah, then marrying him is dangerous.

Men in every city must stand up to this wife beating cult. These cultists oppress women and children and give Muslims a bad name. "Men are the protectors and maintainers of women" - Qur'an. Be men. Protect the Sisters.