Saturday, February 20, 2010


The Arabs in Philadelphia have long distanced themselves from the indigenous Black Muslim community in every city in America. They do not live with us, work with us or cooperate with us. They have always been invited to be our brothers, but they have refused. Not verbally have they refused, but by their actions they make it clear that they have a different agenda than the Muslims who established Islam in America. The Arabs are here to make money. Period. To do this they will capitulate to any and all politicians and entities whether or not those entities are against Islam and the Muslims. The Arabs in America will water down Islam to make their money. They will sell pork, lottery tickets, wine,fake halal meat, cigarettes, drug paraphernalia, and rotten food to Black Americans and then take the money and build mosques! The Arabs supported George Bush -that says it all!

Now it has reached the stage where the Arabs not only distance themselves from us but now they actively work to undermine the efforts of the Black Muslim indigenous community. The latest trick of the Arabs is to form a NEW Majlis Ash Shura and give it another name. The original Majlis Ash Shura is the united body of leaders who came together to work for the good of the Muslims. The Arabs have claimed to be a part of the Majlis but their active support is , of course, lacking- no not lacking - it is ABSENT!

So, because the Arabs don't want to work with us, they formed another group, with another name in ORDER TO DISUNITE THE BELIEVERS and pursue their unholy agenda under the guise of unity. Unfortunately some of the indigenous Imams have joined on to this cause and allowed themselves to be used. An Arab is the head of this fake majlis. Imagine: an ARAb comes to America and leads American Black Muslims. Could a Black man go to Palestine and be a leader? Could a Black man go to Pakistan and form a "majlis"? Lebanon? Saudi Arabia? Bangladesh? How arrogant does one need to be to come to our home and lead us?

There can be no doubt that this fake majlis will pursue such aims as abolishing the moonsighting, back room deals with politicians and other sell-out, shameful compromises to further their cowardly, materialistic agenda.

For now this fake majlis will remain unnamed here, but you will know them by their efforts to undermine the true unity and their betrayal of Islam. And we are watching them. More importantly: Allah is The Watcher.

Correction: We are going to name the organization that has formed to disunite the believers. We have decided to do so because we owe it to our youth to document the treachery of today so that it will not be repeated in the future. The name of the group is The Council of Islamic Organizations of Pennsylvania (CIOPA). It is interesting that some of the Black Imams that have joined the Arab led CIOPA could not find it in their hearts to fullfil their commitment to the Majlis Ash Shura .
Maybe if the Majlis had an Arab leader instead of a Black leader, those indigenous Imams would honor their promise.

For those who don't know us - we don't care if a leader is Arab as long as he sticks to the Qur'an. We do care when the Arab's actions stink of islationism , Arab supremacy, double dealing and sabotage .

Seemingly, the "CIOPA" is formed in the image of the CIOGC - Council of Islamic Organizaions of Greater Chicago- CIOGC. The CIOGC is another Arab led group in Chicago that has hijacked Islam and tamed the Islamic movement. Lately CIOGC advised the Muslims on how to handle the so called flu epidemic: "don't shake hands or hug when giving he greetings of salaam; get not only one, but two vaccinations: the h1n1 vaccine and the regular flu shot."


  1. As Salaamu Alaikum Imam, History always repeats itself. When the enemies of Islam abolished the Khilaafah (by their military defeat of the Ottomans, who were helped by some Arabs & other so-called-Muslims) Muslim scholars and leaders from around the world organized a meeting in Egypt to reestablish the Khalifah. The Saudis who opposed this effort, organized a meeting during the same time period in order to divert & divide the efforts of the Ummah. This happened before they were officially recognized as "Saudi Arabia". They have been doing the same thing for years around the world - especially in America where Islam is growing faster than in any other area in the world. May Allah reward you for sharing this information! Ameen! Your Brother, Na'eem Abdullah

  2. Thanks for the historical perspective Imam!

  3. For a little background history on Imam Na'eem's comments, watch the movie "Lawrence of Arabia". The Khalifa was Turkish. The "Saudi's" , as they would later be known, resented this. The Turks were the enemies of the British. The British used T.E. Lawrence to rally the Arabs against the Khalifah and weaken the Khalifah's hold on Medina.