Thursday, July 15, 2010


Muslim men are the largest and perhaps only group of men in the Black community that still marry Black women. For the most part, marriage in the Black community, particularly among the 20- 30 yr old, is dead! While there are some Christians or others who still marry - the main group that still regularly marries are the Muslims.

Yes, there are problems with the marriages. But those problems did not come from Islam. They come from our being raised in a non Islamic and anti Islamic environment, where we learned anti Islamic ways, customs, attitudes, habits, and Euro centric thought patterns.

Islam combats the negative, self destructive mores of America and seeks to replace them with clean, respectful relationships. Some of us have cleaned up more than others.

We expect Euro centric Christians and Euro centric, Christianized negroes to attack Islam with their tongues. But it has become fashionable now for our so called Black nationalist brethren to stretch forth their tongues against Muslims as well.

I say "so-called" Black nationalists because one must question the motives of those who attack the Muslims when the Muslims have been a historical ally to Blacks. Not the racist, stand offish, wanna-be White Arab/ Pakistani / Bangladeshi/ immigrants who sell swine, lottery tickets, cigarettes, drug paraphernalia , alcohol and fake halal meat to our people. It is the Imam Jamil Al- Amins and Malik El- Shabazzs (Malcolm X), that have been the friends of the Black community. It is the countless Black Muslims that are community leaders and mediators that have been friends to the Black community. To attack such people is a divide and conquer strategy that should be rather transparent.

Yes, Muslims have faults, just like every one else born and raised in a land that worships sex, money and violence. Often the marriages don't work out or the Brother may bite off more than he can chew. But Muslim men, more than any other group are raising the children that have been abandoned by negroes including the fake Black nationalists!

A Muslim brother will marry a sister with five, six or seven kids without blinking an eye! That brother will pay tuition, feed, clothe and play with these fatherless children just like their own. Often these children suffer from severe emotional and psychological trauma from their fatherless condition which causes them to act out. The Muslim man will struggle to teach morals and discipline to children that have been left behind by some worthless negro - who's probably a fake Black nationalist! Malcolm X established both the Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the Organization of Afro American Unity (OOAU) in order to UNITE the Muslims and Black Nationalists for the freedom of all Black people! A real Black nationalist unites- he does not divide!

Quietly, because Muslims tend to be quiet people, millions of Black children are are being raised by Black Muslim men who sometimes lose their lives or their freedom protecting the woman from her crazy-behind, no account baby -daddy.

Remember that the next time some loud mouth, you-tube revolutionary, fake Black nationalist attacks Islam.


  1. Asallamu Aleikum,

    But remember brother, Islam is for all people and the most honored by Allah are those most devout in piety. Race has nothing to do with this> Coming from a white Bosnian Muslim 4 life!

    There are good Christians and bad Christians. Not all the same just like Muslimeen. White Europeans were slavers but so were many Muslims. All colors have failed as all men have failed. Only through a proper interpretation of Islam can we understand a white is not greater than a black or vice versa.

  2. Thank you, Anonymous!

    Verily all of your words are true. We have no disagreement, only a misunderstanding. Perhaps the best way to clear up our misunderstanding is if you find time to read my many other posts on this page. Then you will see that we bear no animosity towards Muslims because of their race, nor do we have a blind hatred of any religion.
    However, just because we as Muslims recognize the equality of mankind, that does not mean that others feel that way. Racism exists. It is systematic and it is deadly. My people feel its effects daily, minute by minute. Too many of my people are dead, incarcerated, disenfranchised, impoverished and miserable due to racism.
    Yes, my posts note that Arabs were slavers and the fact is many of them still have slave- master mentalities.
    You will find in my writings an admiration for the white Muslims of Bosnia and Chechnya for their struggle against imperialism. I hope you are one of them!