Monday, August 16, 2010

The White House Iftar: New Slaves Replace Old

The past few US Presidents have hosted a "White House Iftar" where Muslims break their Ramadan fast at the White House. The actual purposes of the "White House Iftar" are:

1) To pretend that the global slaughter of Muslims is not an attack on Islam;

2) To divide the Muslims against each other: The "good" Muslims are those who lift neither hand nor tongue against the massacre of Muslims. The "bad" Muslims are those who fight or speak out against the global genocide being perpetrated against Muslims.

The "good" Muslims are invited to the White House to be patted on the head for accepting their castration peaceably.

3) To show the Muslims who their leaders should be. Of course, those leaders are the frightened cowards who show up at these events and sheepishly applaud the President's every word.

Surprisingly, the White House has chosen an almost entirely new cast of boot licking Muslim "representatives". I expected to see the usual cast of spineless "Imams" and alphabet soup Islamic organization "Presidents". Instead , the usual slaves have been replaced by diplomats.

The only regular I think was the female 4- letter organization leader who so eagerly shook hands with George Bush.

What this means is that all you cowards and sell-outs who clamored for approval from your White House master - YOU HAVE BEEN REPLACED! All your obsequious knuckle dragging, foot-shuffling, head scratching subservience has got you nothing! Most of the new crew of White House puppets are immigrants! The Uncle Ruckus negro "Imams" have been replaced as well!

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