Saturday, July 28, 2012


     The passing of Sherman Hemsley brings to mind the main character he portrayed, George Jefferson. At first we think of George Jefferson as sort of a buffoonish character. But if we examine George's character we find:

  •  George Jefferson was an entrepreneur and self made millionaire;
  • He took care of his woman;
  • He never cheated on his woman:
  • He was fearless in the face of whites;
  • He was straight forward and not two-faced.  If he didn't like you you'd know it!;
  • He was clean and well dressed;
  • He advocated race loyalty and pure Blackness;
  • He had a strong aversion to Uncle Toms;
  • He said what he meant and meant what he said;
  • He had no time for foolishness;
  • He was prudent and wise with his money;
  • He knew who his enemy was and wasn't afraid to name him;
  • He knew who his friends were;
  • He'd slam the door in your face if you weren't his friend;
  • He hired Blacks;
  • He got rich and did NOT chase white women:
  • He didn't smile when nothing was funny and he didn't scratch when there was no itch:
  • He was unashamedly pro-Black;
  • George Jefferson had SWAG!
If only today's Black athletes and politicians were more like George Jefferson!