Saturday, July 28, 2012


     The passing of Sherman Hemsley brings to mind the main character he portrayed, George Jefferson. At first we think of George Jefferson as sort of a buffoonish character. But if we examine George's character we find:

  •  George Jefferson was an entrepreneur and self made millionaire;
  • He took care of his woman;
  • He never cheated on his woman:
  • He was fearless in the face of whites;
  • He was straight forward and not two-faced.  If he didn't like you you'd know it!;
  • He was clean and well dressed;
  • He advocated race loyalty and pure Blackness;
  • He had a strong aversion to Uncle Toms;
  • He said what he meant and meant what he said;
  • He had no time for foolishness;
  • He was prudent and wise with his money;
  • He knew who his enemy was and wasn't afraid to name him;
  • He knew who his friends were;
  • He'd slam the door in your face if you weren't his friend;
  • He hired Blacks;
  • He got rich and did NOT chase white women:
  • He didn't smile when nothing was funny and he didn't scratch when there was no itch:
  • He was unashamedly pro-Black;
  • George Jefferson had SWAG!
If only today's Black athletes and politicians were more like George Jefferson!


  1. Really liked the video, and every point you made was accurate, we need some more Jefferson's in this world..

  2. Indeed, TroytheThird, there will never be another television portrayal of a Black man with the gumption of George Jefferson!