Monday, December 27, 2010

Philadelphia's Corrupt Unions and Clueless Leaders

I recently attended another meeting between Mayor Nutter and Philadelphia's Muslim leaders.
One person mentioned the need for well paying jobs for Black men and how the unions have white men from New Jersey dominating the construction sites in Philadelphia while Black men who live in Philadelphia can only watch. The Mayor said he'd "talk" to union representatives about the problem.

Philadelphia is corrupt to its very core. It is the very definition of corruption. The unions are the most corrupt of all Philadelphia institutions. Each union is a mafia like organization that locks Blacks out of ever getting good paying jobs in the building trade. City council passed some ordinance recently requiring unions to give some share of the pie to Blacks and "minorities". Union boss John Dougherty was quoted in the Daily News as saying he "didn't care what City Council said!"

The unions are gangsters who have completely stripped jobs from Blacks in Philly. And make no mistake: the unions will fight to the death - literally - before they will give up those jobs to Blacks. They will kill, kidnap, threaten and beat anyone who attempts to straighten out the employment inequities in this city. You cannot "talk" away this situation, as our completely clueless mayor would like to do. He has no idea that he is dealing with criminals who hold him in utter contempt.

The racist, criminal unions have a strangle hold on the building trades. You cannot vote this situation away. You cannot legislate this situation away. The union bosses are outlaws - they care nothing about the law. And the police will never enforce any laws against the unions because the police are run by the biggest and most heavily armed union - the FOP - Fraternal Order of Police. Everyone knows that unions stick together.

The result of the union control of jobs is that our youth have little future. More and more will turn to crime. Protests and demonstrations will not end the union death grip on jobs. You will literally have to fight in the streets with these criminals for the right to be breadwinners for your families. The unions are the mafia. You have to make them an offer they can't refuse.

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