Thursday, June 25, 2009


President Barack Obama blasted Iran today for it's treatment of election dissenters. Allegedly, protesters are being beaten by Iranian authorities. By condemning Iran, a nation he had previously offered to dialogue with, Obama has bowed to Republicans who demanded that Obama speak out.

First, how can Obama condemn police beatings in Iran when right here in America the police beat and shoot Black people daily? In Philadelphia, New York, Boston and every other city the police treat Blacks in an inhuman, disrespectful, brutal, homicidal fashion. Sometimes it gets caught on videotape. Most of the time it isn't. Why doesn't our illustrious president speak about that? It's happening right now in Washington D.C, so he doesn't have to look very far.

Also, notice how Barack bowed down to his masters when they told him. He claimed to be independent of the Republicans (read: White corporations who really run America), yet in the end he obeyed. He will always obey massa. It's what house negroes do.

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