Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was meeting with some Imams and one of them said this:

1:"ALL of the scholars of Islam say we must vote (yes, he said 'ALL');

2: ALL (there's that word again) of the scholars say that Muslims must follow and obey the leadership of those who reject Allah because the Qur'an says 'OBEY ALLAH AND THE MESSENGER AND THOSE IN AUTHORITY' (4:59);

3:Muslims must embrace democracy because of ALL (his favorite word) of the good works that Congressman Keith Ellison (a Muslim) is doing.

4: The Prophet (upon whom be peace) sent letters of cooperation to the leaders of Persia, and Byzantium."

I'm not quite sure who this "imam" works for , but we had to check him on a few points:

  • 1: "All" of the scholars do NOT say Muslims should participate in the democratic process. Traditional scholars recognize that Islam teaches against man made systems of governance, which oppress people, and calls people to divine guidance, which will free people;

  • 2: Any real scholar knows that the Quran says "OBEY ALLAH AND THE MESSENGER AND THOSE IN AUTHORITY 'MINKUM' , meaning 'from amongst yourselves', meaning the Islamic leadership. What kind of divine, revolutionary doctrine would tell you to obey the enemies of God?

  • 3: Exactly what "good works" are being done by Congressman Ellison in the name of Islam? (He could name none.)

  • 4: The "letters of cooperation" were actually letters demanding the surrender of Persia and Byzantium (the super powers of that time) so that Islam could come and liberate the people there.

What's surprising about this "imam" is not that he's a cowardly, effeminate, castrated, knuckle dragging, foot shuffling, spineless puppet - because there are many of those today. What is amazing and a bit insulting is that he thought we were stupid and that we did not know enough of Islam to reject his obsequious rantings.

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