Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Before his death Michael Jackson was viewed by conscious members of the Black Community as weird; confused about who he was; a hater of his Black self; one who turned away from Black women; effeminate; an example to all Black boys of how NOT to be.

Now, even the most radical Blacks on talk radio are praising Mike like he was Malcolm X or Martin Luther King! Al Sharpton says Michael was not weird. Magic Johnson attributes the global expansion of the NBA to Michael Jackson. Someone said Mike united all the races. WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE LYING ABOUT MIKE???

Who is behind this plot to make Mike a hero just because he sang songs and danced? Was it those who made money off the Mike Memorial event? How does singing and dancing upift us or excuse his anti-Black behavior?

We need a Black psychologist to explain to us: how the media can be used to make us love someone we previously mocked; What are the implications of lauding this man as though he were a savior of humanity?; Since Mike previously was viewed as the antithesis of Black manhood, what does it say to our Black boys now that we "love " him so much?

Muslims began to claim Mike as a Muslim even though the evidence was slim. Jermaine Jackson, who is a Muslim, was silent about Islam, proving that right now, he is yet another useless, spineless, go-along-to-get-along Muslim. Perhaps he will change, May Allah help us all.

To all Muslims, let this be very clear to you: when Allah gives you, the Muslim, a national or even world spotlight, it is your divine duty to call the world's attention to Allah, at least by praising Him and mentioning Him.
Of course, Jermaine failed to do so - but he did not forget to sing!

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