Friday, July 31, 2009


I could not believe my eyes when they showed me that Obama had actually had a beer with Uncle Tom Skip Gates and the racist cop who showed the Uncle Tom his true status in America.

The only beneficiaries of this beer-summit was the racist, Klansman-looking cop and his Nazi-like fellow officers throughout the country. By meeting with this pig (yes, we need to bring back that language) , Obama let this racist off the hook. Obama is saying "just forget about it. Let it go. It's in the past. GET OVER IT." Black people are always told to "get over it." Forgive our tormentors. Turn the other cheek. Don't file lawsuits.

This was an opportunity to expose the Nazi-like Cambridge Police Department and all the racist cops there who stood by their fellow Skinhead , I mean cop. It was a chance to take a look at the pathetic negro slave master- loving cops who also stood by the Grand Dragon, I mean officer.

But this opportunity has been squashed by your president. White folks told Obama that they were not happy with his comments about the Klan, I mean police force. They do not want Obama speaking about "Black" issues unless he's lecturing Blacks about "being responsible".

Obama obeyed his masters yet again. He smiled and grinned and now every thing is alright.
"Toby be good nigga for massa." - Line from Roots

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