Tuesday, August 4, 2009


President Obama and Skip Gates owe me. They owe all the Black people in this country that have been and will be beaten, harassed and killed by racist police and negro police who follow the lead of their racist masters.

Obama and gates had a golden opportunity to shine the light on the brutal police roaches. They could have made it a national and even an international issue. But they ran and hid, and skinned and grinned at the command of white terrorists. Yes, TERRORISTS. Skip Gates said he received death threats. Obama was threatened with the disfavor of white folks who said they "did not approve of his handling of the affair." These negroes were terrorized out of their initial righteous and manly approaches to police bullying.

Some say Gates "went overboard" because he was "belligerent" to the officer. To be belligerent means to be hostile or aggressive. Gates was not being aggressive, he was being defensive. Defensive towards the unwarranted home invasion of the police. It was the cop who was belligerent. What the cop really felt was that Gates was being "uppity" and didn't know "his place" and made too much eye contact for the cops liking. In other words, he reacted like a man. Obama initially reacted like a man. Then they folded like cowards.

Gates and Obama owed it to the children of the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia to pursue this case. They owed it to Dante Dawson who was gunned down in his vehicle by police in Philadelphia, though he was unarmed and committing no crime. They owed it to Amadou Diallo, shot over 40 times by racist New York cops. They owed it to Abner Louima, who had the infamous plunger thrust into his rectum by the same New York cops. They owed it to the store owners in Philadelphia who were robbed by the police. Instead Obama and Gates put on a skinning and grinning, Step N Fetch It, can't -we -all -just -get- along minstrel show.

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