Saturday, August 15, 2009


The police in America are a cult. The police are high priests who are above prosecution and are free to inflict harm on any member of society with little fear of repercussion. Of course, those harmed are usually Black. The followers of this cult are the grand juries, district attorneys, media, judges and brainwashed citizens who believe the police are here to "maintain law and order."

If you watched Mel Gibson's movie APOCOLYPTO, you saw that the high priests were able to lop off heads and hurl them down the steps of the pyramids. The people accepted that the priests were acting in the interest of the tribe!
Today, the police beat, murder, rob, taser and disrespect Blacks and the followers cal it "law and order." Police are seen on videotape beating, stomping, tasering Blacks but district attorneys and grand juries tell us not to believe our lying eyes - or "the tape doesn't tell the whole story." Funny, but when a tape shows someone attacking a cop, it seems to tell the whole story then!

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is the grand council that sees to it that any corrupt cop who gets caught murdering, beating or robbing someone is not prosecuted.

Most of the police cult followers were indoctrinated into the cult by television shows like "COPS" and countless other dramas where cops are shown violating peoples constitutional rights . These shows make the followers believe that the cops are our friends and they stand for justice , or some other nonsense.

It should be noted that all cops are corrupt because they all belong to the police cult. Please stop saying "not all cops are dirty." Please. For the sake of your survival, Black Man and Woman, don't ever repeat that mantra, "not all cops are dirty" or "most cops are hard working and fair." While all cops will not murder you or club you upside the head you must understand that, like any other cult, cops are sworn to a code of secrecy. A cop may not beat you but he will never testify against another cop that he sees beating/murdering you! Thus, ALL COPS ARE CORRUPT. Every cop who has testified in the past has faced mortal threat from the other police cult members.

The police cult is more powerful than mayors. Mayors, especially Black mayors rarely speak out strongly against the cult. In Philadelphia, Former negro Mayor Wilson Goode said that the reason he did not personally go to the scene during the police cult's murder/arson during the MOVE fiasco was because he had learned that the police were planning to murder him and make it look as though a MOVE member had shot him! This was reported in the Philadelphia Tribune.
This negro mayor was so afraid of the police cult that he kept quiet about their threats against his life!

The police cult is more powerful than the Black President of the United States. Barack Obama was forced to eat his initial words of outrage spoken against the corrupt cop cult of Cambridge, Mass. The racist cop cult member was rewarded for his racism with a meeting with the President. He become an instant celebrity. The only one who stood their ground during the Obama/ Gates "beerfest" was the cop cultist! If Barack had any real power, this cop would have been directing traffic in the middle of the freeway for the rest of his career, or given some other unfavorable assignment!

The police cult is more powerful than the courts. More powerful than the district attorney. They all cower in fear before the sinister FOP.

We Black men are going to have to meet very soon to decide what we are going to do to combat this cult.

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