Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Christianity has historically had a different effect on whites than on Blacks. For whites, Christianity has been used to empower the white race. It was used to justify the enslavement of Blacks, the Black Holocaust, the murder of indigenous so called Native Americans, colonization of Africa, the theft of the resources of Africa, genocide, homicide, butchery, sadism, rape, plunder and every barbaric act known to man, rather, white man. But still, the white race prospered from their version of Christianity.

Conversely, Christianity has had a feminizing effect on Black men. Christianity ensures that Black men will never rise up against the white man because the "god" of Christianity is white and Christianity teaches Black men to worship an effeminate looking white man. Of course there have been some Black Christians who maintained their manhood, such as Nat Turner, a Black Christian minister who led perhaps the most fearsome insurrection against white supremacy. But for the most part, Christianity has pacified Black men and taught them to turn the other cheek, obey massa, and look for their reward in the next life and leave everything in this life to massa.

Homosexuality has had an opposite effect on Blacks and whites. When Black men think of homos we think of weak, effeminate, flaming fags who disgust our sensibilities but are relatively harmless to all except themselves. Wrong! Homosexuality for whites is their heritage. Whites claim that their greatest civilizations were the ancient greek and roman civilizations. The men in these "civilizations" were predominately bisexual with many being strictly homosexual. Plato was a homosexual. Zeus, the main god of the greeks, is portrayed as a homosexual . In particular, the greeks and romans were boy lovers. Pedophiles. I hope you don't think I'm making this up because it is very easy to research this for yourself.

Today, we are witnessing a return to the ancient ways of whites with the rise of homosexuality.
Even though the forefathers of whites were flaming fags, they were aggressive fags! That is, they conquered other nations and spread homosexuality worldwide. Every nation that has come in contact with whites has seen the spread of homosexuality.

Now whites are spreading homosexuality again and they are spreading it aggressively. It is being taught in the school books. It is being shown on PBS shows as being acceptable. It's on t.v. In the movies. In magazines. In legislation. In the church - well actually it never left the church. And homosexuals will not be satisfied until you and your family become homosexuals or at least accept homosexuality as an "alternative lifestyle." So homosexuality is a weapon of empowerment for whites.

For Blacks, homosexuality is crippling. It robs Black men of their manhood and will to resist white oppression. It leaves Black women without men and tempts the women to find love and companionship in lesbian relationships. Many Black women freely associate with homosexuals and defend the "rights" of fags and will attack you if you speak against fags! Even though the rise of homosexuals is counter productive to the Black women's need and desire for Black men! Black homosexuals are counter-revolutionaries and traitors to their race. A Black homosexual will never support revolution against the capitalist, racist republic because the capitalist, racist republic protects his homosexual lifestyle. A homosexual's main loyalty is not to his religion, race or tribe. He is loyal first to his homosexuality.

That brings us to the Qur'an. The Qur'an has affected Blacks in America differently than others. The Companions of the Prophet used the Qur'an to conquer and benefit every one they encountered.

Today, Arabs, Pakistanis, whites and other immigrants use the Qur'an to mesmerize Blacks into humble submission while the immigrants claim the spoils of America for themselves. The immigrants use the Qur'an to divert the attention of Black Muslims in America. They know that we love the Qur'an, so they recite it to us in beautiful Arabic and we dare not challenge their misinterpretation. They tell us "Islam means peace" because they are afraid to upset the status quo, so we abandon jihad. They tell us to abandon polygyny because they are afraid of white censure that will interrupt their businesses. They tell us to love people that we know are our enemies: Arabs in Florida were instrumental in the first election of George W. Bush. They waste our time and sentimentalities: Behold ISNA and ICNA mourning the death of senator ted kennedy. Behold our great Pakistani, Arab and white "leaders" convening in Washington to fight - malaria!
No one can argue against the need to eradicate malaria but why is our organization MANA, which was formed to address the issues of Black American Muslims, being duped into this malaria thing? Yes duped. Where will the money from this event go? It is well known that these "charities", especially as it relates to Africa, STEAL the money and the people do not benefit. We know that much of the medicine sent there is tainted. Who will oversee the research for the cure and the distribution of medicine and is that really what we want from MANA?

Behold how ISNA has boldly abandoned the moonsighting for Ramadan and Eid and they now proudly proclaim that they are using astronomical calculations. Their PhD's have gone to their heads and they now think they are prophets! They will quote, or rather misquote Qur'an in defense of their near apostasy and we go into a swoon.

The Arabs and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have set up charities for us to send our money OVERSEAS instead of here where our people need it.

The immigrants quote Qur'an and pacify us while our great leaders have become tame after 911. What happened to our bold Imams that sold us their tapes and CD,s and brought to our feet with their rousing lectures and khutbah's? They have all been silenced. Their attention has been diverted to things like malaria, smoking, ted kennedy and licking the feet of obama.
The Qur'an has not motivated the Black American Muslim to challenge the system of unbelief. To challenge the enemies of Allah to debate. To present Islam in its purity to the masses without fear of rebuke from those who hate it. Who can forget the pitiful sight of the "great" American "shaykh" H.Y. being eaten alive in a debate with a CIA agent in the documentary "Who Speaks For Islam." The normally erudite "shaykh" who hypnotizes Black Muslims with his command of the Arabic language and ability to quote hadeeth after hadeeth, was left stuttering and speechless before his fellow caucasian who debated in English and cared nothing for his Arabic prowess!
The Qur'an has not moved Black Muslims to greatness. To victory. To mastery of the sciences . It has pacified us while others reap the spoils of America. Rather, the Qur'an has not pacified us, the Arab/Pakistani interpretation of the Qur'an has rendered us unconscious. We are asleep. Voting for this guy and that guy. Sending our money to Bangladesh and India. Becoming democrats. Abandoning the sunnah. Refusing to compete in a world of competition. Following instead of leading. Afraid of the blame of the blamers. Watering down Islam because we are afraid God's enemies may not "like" Islam.
Abandoning the Qur'an and worshipping "shaykhs" who don't know us and don't care for us. Turning our backs on the hardworking Imams in our own locality who work for no salary.
Seeking honor from those who hate Allah. The Qur'an dignifies, it does not disgrace. The Qur'an elevates, it does not make you subservient. The Qur'an empowers and does not enfeeble.

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