Saturday, October 31, 2009


Imam Luqman was gunned down by feds in Detroit. It is the fate that awaits all who dare reveal the truth. It is the fate of all who will not bow down to the beast. It is a glorious fate, not one to be feared. It is to be celebrated.

Imam Luqman knew who the enemy is. He knew how the enemy operates. When the feds come at you , there is no hope for justice. We've learned this for 400 years.

Imam Luqman knew that "appeals", "lawyers" "trials", "justice" "law and order" is a farce. A charade. There was no chance Imam Luqman would receive justice and he refused to play the game. Imam Luqman chose death over slavery in America's prison colonies designed for Black men.

It is clear that the Imam was targeted for death. The usual procedure in such situations is to negotiate the surrender of the "suspect" when he is barricaded in a building. The feds launched an attack with a dog a guns. No waiting. No patience. Because they knew what they came for.

The responses are predictable:

1)The alphabet soup cowardly organizations like CAIR have expressed that their only concern is that "Islam be seperated from the criminal allegations against Imam Luqman." No outrage over Imam Luqman's murder. CAIR just doesn't want to be associated with him. Their freakishly punk -behind remarks are designed to distance themselves from Imam Luqman. Traitors always think that by siding with the oppressor they can work out some kind of deal for themselves. What traitors like CAIR don't realize is that they are as hated as the rest of us. Soon they will come for CAIR and the other sell-out organizations no matter how much they kiss up to massa. Soon they will come to take your bank accounts. They will come to take your freedom. They will come to take your life. And all your years of knuckle-draggin, "pro-democracy", "anti-extremist " , "moderate" Barack-lovin, watered down Islam will avail you naught.

2) Other cowards and hypocrites eat up the media's description of Imam Luqman and even join them in berating the Imam;

3) "Law enforcement" officials and racist white supremists celebrate together;

4) Hypocrite "Islamic" organizations and Imams make statements meant to appease the beast like "Islam is for law and order." Meanwhile the beast looks at their stupid behinds and laughs because all these traitors are doing is giving the feds permission to kill more of us.

5) Both the hypocrites and the well intentioned will call for a "thorough investigation" into what happened. As if the very people who murdered the Imam will investigate fairly! This call for "investigation is no substitute for action, it merely soothes the conscious of the cowardly. They can feel as though they have done something.

6) The feds will move on to their next target and the process will repeat itself.

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