Monday, November 9, 2009


Some national incidents have occurred in the past weeks involving Muslims and the sad state of many, no, most, no 99% of all Muslim "leaders in America.

Regarding the assassination of Imam Luqman in Detroit, we have already mentioned in a previous post the cowardly statement of the cowardly organization known as CAIR (the so called Council of American Islamic Relations) and how CAIR distanced themselves from the martyred Imam while practically agreeing with the FBI's slander that the Imam was a criminal.

ISNA, the "Islamic Society of North America" issued a statement calling for an "investigation" and an "elimination of conditions that cause alienation and distrust and cause people to live in downtrodden conditions." You have to read between the lines of these slick statements. What ISNA is saying is that yes, the Imam was a radical, criminal just like the feds say, but it's not his fault.

There is a national flu scare in America. Many people are unsure of the safety of flu vaccines. Even doctors are questioning the vaccine. Nurses in New York refused to get vaccinated. There is direct evidence that the military /police force will be used to force vaccinations if deemed "neccesary."
So what does the "Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago" do? They offer their advice:

*"Don't shake hands when giving the salaams, or peace greetings to each other;
* Don't hug either;
* Don't just get one flu shot, get two! The regular flu shot and the H1N1" !

It is expected that immigrants and immigrant led organizations like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA etc. would adopt the government line on all issues and sell the people out for a paltry price. They do it all the time. In fact they seem to exist for only that purpose. But it is distressing when an indigenous group like MANA issues a statement about the "Fort Hood shootings" condemning the shooter as a murderer. If the shooter had gone to Iraq, like they were trying to send him, and he had shot Muslims, he would have been considered a hero by America ,and the immigrant sell outs would probably have made him the key note speaker at their countless conventions. Thousands of Muslims are dying daily, but there is no condemnation or outrage from the Muslim "leaders."

But because Americans were killed, Muslim leaders feel the need to apologize and condemn someone without really knowing the situation. It is clear that Muslim leaders have gotten the message from the feds: Be silent and lull your people to sleep or we will kill you like we killed Malcolm and Imam Luqman or we will imprison you like we imprisoned Imam Jamil Al-Amin.

The Prophet (upon whom be peace) said: "You get the leaders you deserve." So if our leaders are frightened cowards, it means that our community has become a community of frightened, brainwashed cowards.

Shortly after the time of the Prophet (upon whom be peace)there was a Muslim General who brought the Muslim army to the border of the great super power of the time, Persia. The Persian king called for a meeting with the general and tried to impress the general with the wealth and might possessed by the Persian empire.
The general was not awed. Instead he replied, "I have men with me who love death more than you love life." If we had the attitude and fortitude of those soldiers, our leaders could stand up to the world and be men instead of the pathetic mice we witness time and time again.

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