Saturday, August 15, 2009


The sports fans in Philadelphia are rabid ever since the Eagles signed Michael Vick. Their venom is spewed on racist sports talk stations. "Vick should not be in the NFL." "Vick should still be in jail." "The Eagles should not have signed Vick." "Vick is as bad as a pedophile." Yes, a white lady caller said that Vick is as bad as a pedophile!

It is a classic lynch mob mentality. If you've studied lynching (as you should have) you see that lynching took place whenever a Black man was accused of a crime- whether he committed it or not was irrelevant to the lynch mob. The mob, which consisted of white men, women and children delighted at seeing a Black man tortured, hung and burned. Historical pictures show whites standing around burned bodies of Blacks. Even women and children are seen in the photos smiling at the Black corpses. An excellent book to study is Without Sanctuary, which explains the lynch mob mentality and contains dozens of actual photographs of lynchings.

Whites take a particular delight in watching Black men die or suffer or suffer and then die. The white racists mask their racist hatred with cries for "justice" and manufactured outrage at the alleged or actual crime of the Black victim. The whites scream, holler and foam at the mouth, spit flying, eyes bulging, faces crimson with indignation.

Oddly, whites rarely exhibit such outrage when a white man or woman commits crimes. White women kill their kids and the media calls it "post partum disorder" and covers her with sympathy. American Olympic swimming hero - whats-his- name- gets caught smoking marijuana and it's OK. Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brett Myers beat his wife in public with no cries for lynching or banning him from the Phillies. White cops beat and murder Blacks. No outrage. Muslims tortured in Guantanamo. It continues.

Whites always tell us to "get over" slavery. Get over racism. Get over the genocide of Native Americans. Muslims should get over the millions of Muslims killed in the last decade by the worldwide coalition of whites. Now Barack smiles and says forget about it- it's in the past.

But whites can't get over the damage done to their beloved dogs - especially by a Black man. Vick must hang. He must crawl, dragging his tongue on the ground under the feet of the white man. He must beg for his forgiveness. He must never work again. He must beg in the streets for a living while his tormentors scowl in their imagined superiority. A quick investigation would reveal that many of the whites who want to lynch Vick are involved in child pornography, prostitution, adultery, homosexuality, alcoholism, drug use, drug dealing, shoplifting, hit and run automobile crashes, drunken driving, tax evasion, welfare fraud, bribery, abortion and illegal prescription drugs. But the angry mob wants to lynch Michael Vick.

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