Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Beware of what you hear about the election turmoil in Iran for the following reasons:

  • Before the election, there was no hint of massive, violent discontent with President Ahmedinejad - so where did it come from?

  • Immediately after the election, the runner up conceded the election and urged Iranians to accept the election results;

  • The media is using trick photography. After the election, Ahmedinejad gave a victory speech in front of thousands of supporters. Later, that same photograph - minus Ahmadinejad - was shown. This time the caption beneath the photo claimed the crowd was supporting Ahmedinejad's opponent!
  • The media is using close up photos to exaggerate the number of protesters.
Yes, there are protesters. But it seems they are being incited to riot by outside forces in order to destabilize the government of Iran and weaken it in advance of a US attack.. A classic tactic of the CIA.

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