Sunday, May 24, 2009


Prominent and beloved world Muslim leader Imam Siraj Wahhaj is in need of money to pay his medical bills. Imam Siraj has graciously raised money for the Arab and Pakistani communities for decades. He needs $125,000 for his bills.

The same Pakistanis and Arabs have turned their backs on Imam Siraj and the Black American Muslim communities by raising a paltry sum that is really a drop in the bucket for them. They could pay that money easily. And yes, we know it.

Imam Siraj would not endorse this view. He is far too gracious for that.
The MANA leadership will not endorse this view because they are afraid to anger the few immigrants who may give them a few dollars in the future.

MANA (Muslim Alliance of North America) was originally established to address the concerns of indigenous Muslims in America. Instead what we see from MANA is a recent condemnation of a supposed plot to blow up a jewish synagogue in New York.

Frankly, we, the indigenous ( read "Black"), rank and file Believers don't care about anybody's synagogue. We are not walking around crying about the Jews. Likewise , the Jews are not crying about us. When the Jews feel the need to condemn their murder of the people of Palestine, perhaps we will be concerned with their synagogue safety.

We do not look for our leaders to apologize every time massa tells them. Oddly, these same Jews that MANA feels so concerned about: if their leader needed a mere $125,000 they would raise it. Immediately. Within hours.

The immigrant community has pimped the Black Muslim community for decades. They suck our money up at all of their conventions, Islamic Games, Great Adventure Days, fundraisers etc. They have hidden behind they net of safety that Black Muslims established in this country. But they have given back only a few smiles and token assistance.

While no official from MANA will publicly say this, and they may even condemn me, privately, they all know it's true. And the immigrants abandonment of Imam Siraj in his time of need is a sign that, while their is no racism in Islam, there are racist Muslims.

We Muslims in America had better start respecting our true, uncompromising leaders, supporting them and protecting them because no one else will.

Will MANA fulfill its mission or will it be another sell-out, condemn -the -Muslims, appease- the - Jews, things-are getting- better, pacification, counter revolutionary, beggar organization beholden to the enemies of Allah?


  1. Imam Siraj has been and will continuely be helped by Us the fake Muslims, being the Nation Of Islam. We catch greif from everyone because We do not bow down to any Arab or solict their crumbs.

    We in the Nation Of Islam have been saying what is being blogged about , however when We did it We were called haters.

  2. My Dear Brother

    As-Salaamu Alaikum. The divide between us and the immigrant community is well known, and those of us who have been bamboozled into the behaviour you describe (all of us havan't)know it and should learn from it. But there are a few facts to be stated here: 1- A great deal of the money Imam Siraj needs has been and is being raised daily according to him, and it is coming from both indigeous and immigrant Muslims, and he is grateful for that.Could the bill be knocked out by those with the resources, quickly? Undoubtedly! Should they? Undoubtedly! Is the failure to do so an indictment against them? No doubt! But the Imam is grateful for those who have given and we all should be,even as we give ourselves 2- It's not about kow-towing to people. It is about obeying Allah and it is He who has designated that Houses of Worship of the Muslims and People of the Book specifically are to be protected (Q 22:40) . So we must enjoin the good and forbid the wrong even if against ourselves (Q 4:135). This is Al-Islam. We must also do so to protect our community from traps and schemes designed to defame and deceive. This requires public stances on what is right (check the MANA web-site), so that we speak for ourselves in order that others don't speak for us. We of MANA are on our mission, and insha'Allah will remain on it.And yes, we'd better practice self-determination as a people, or perish
    Was Salaam, Respectfully Your brother,
    Imam Al-Hajj Talib 'Abdur-Rashid
    Deputy Amir,