Monday, May 25, 2009


Black people hate the police because all police are corrupt. Without exception. Even if a cop does not necessarily commit crimes, he most certainly will not arrest or tell on another cop who beats, murders, robs, plants evidence or lies in court. Black people are quite familiar with the Blue Wall of Silence. (These same cops will tell the community to "snitch", yet cops never "snitch on each other.)

The function of the police in the Black community is to write traffic tickets. If you go down to traffic court on any day of the week at any time you will see that 90% of the defendants are Black!

Cops do not arrest slumlords. Cops do not arrest the Korean 40 oz. malt liquor dealers or the Korean drug paraphernalia sellers. Cops cannot arrest bankers who redline the Black community. Somehow, cops can't seem to arrest those who ship drugs into the Black community. Cops cannot arrest the officals who turn off people's water , gas and electricity. Cops do not arrest the white-controlled school district teachers who mis-educate our youth.

The sole purpose of cops is to keep the Black community oppressed. Period. The increase in Black cops has led to an increase in Blacks in jail and in traffic court. There is no benefit to the Black community from the police. There is only harm, distrust, hatred and disrespect from cops. That's why Black people hate cops.

A Muslim should never become a cop! A Muslim is a representative of the righteous way of life known as Islam. Islam is in direct opposition to the evil of this society. A cop is the protector of this society.

When a Muslim becomes a cop, he becomes one of "them." A Muslim cop loses the trust that Black people have historically put in Muslims. Some of the greatest revolutionaries and Black leaders have either been Muslims or been influenced by Muslims.

Muslim, you cannot change the system from within. You cannot change a brothel by becoming a prostitute.

Look at the former police commissioner sylvester johnson (capital letters omitted purposely because we hold this negro in utter contempt). He was allegedly a Muslim. While "in the system" he defended the right of a trans sexual cop to remain on the police gang, I mean force; he defended the right of a corrupt police supervisor to return to work after getting drunk, smashing his police car and falsifying a police report to cover his actions.

Then this "Muslim" commissioner fought against the Muslim cops who wanted to maintain some Islamic identity by wearing a beard and khimar. In fact, it was the traitor johnson's testimony in court that defeated the attempt by a Muslim lady cop to wear a khimar while on duty. The court reasoned that "since johnson is a "Muslim" then there is no discrimination occuring on the police force. The stooge johnson was used as a willing tool to oppress Muslims when he could have opened the door for Muslims to practice their religion more freely in the department. sylvester johnson is the biggest Uncle Tom since wilson goode. So you can't change the system from within because the system makes you a Tom. Or maybe the Toms are attracted to the system.


  1. Coming from a white guy:
    You never see police beating a white man, but yet, they beat Hispanics.

  2. the niggers deserve it


  3. Black people wouldn't be police targets if they would stop committing crimes.

  4. So are the black cops also corrupt since this page seems to take up the out of skew view of law enforcement. BE A COPR FOR A DAY AND SEE YOU REALLY DO NOT HAVE A GRASP ON REALITY. When you are getting the crap beaten out of you i bet you will not hesitate to accept help from a cop. No one is perfect. Oh wait...except for you the beacon of true justice.

  5. To "Anonymous guy number 5" (none of these "commenters" have the courage to take off their sheets and show their true identity)

    If you read carefully you will see that I said "the increase in Black cops has led to an increase in Blacks in jail and traffic court." So yes, Black cops are corrupt just like the racist system that employs them.

  6. if you want to let loose your chains and get off you're plantation then maybe you stop playing the victim. if you rob a store owned by a korean then you are a thief not the korean you stole from. if you buy any alcohol and drink you become intoxicated because you chose to, not the person(Korean, as you racistly noted) who sold you the intoxicant. the black community such as it is allows themselves to be bought by the lowest bidder and slide greasily into the bowels of poverty, just like yourself blaming your shortcomings on other people especially people who are not the same color as you who care to do business in your community. If you have to blame cops for the problems in the black community, think about it when they are no longer there, who commits the crimes? when blacks kill other blacks why is everyone else blamed? if a black man buys drugs from a black drug dealer why are others to blame? when a child in high school has a child is it the white banker's fault? the korean grocer? sylvester johnson? you need to take the hankerchief of your head and move away from the big house... uncle tom has more in common with martin luther king jr, i doubt you have read the book or you would not be calling anybody an uncle tom unless you were talking about someone heroic. Cops are like everyone else you meet some are decent and some are not, you however, need to look in the mirror to see who the ignorant bigot is. there is plenty of blame to go around but you blaming cops is extremely typical of a lyeing small minded fool. you sir are whats wrong you have a brain and you fail to use it to think!

  7. Dear Hidden identity Person Known as "Anonymous",

    I agree that many of us engage in victimization. When we stop seeing ourselves as victims then we will no longer tolerate Korean liquid crack sellers in our community. When we stop seeing ourselves as victims then killer cops will face repercussions for committing murder and assault.

    However you do lack an understanding of what comes first the chicken or the egg. Drug addiction does not occur if their are no drug dealers and drug dealers do not exist if drug importation is not allowed, and indeed participated in, by the government. Whites would not be addicted to prescription drugs if white doctors did not supply and participate in this under penalized drug trade.

    You are correct in that Uncle Tom was an heroic figure in Uncle Tom's Cabin. I used the term Uncle Tom because most people are more familiar with that term than the term Uncle Ruckus. Good Uncle Tom's Cabin knowledge by you!

    Do I blame cops for the problems in our community? Not at all. Cops are just one of the problems and they are there to make sure we keep those problems. That is what the article is about: cops being one of the problems. I'm glad you are so concerned about the well being of my people. People who are so socially concerned like yourself ought to remove their sheets and reveal their identity so they can be appreciated and acknowledged.

  8. I disagree with everything you say... I am a White Cop in the South, I see Black criminals, White criminals and every other race and creed there are desiring to be CRIMINALS. The Police would much rather these people find something more productive to do with their lives than be a criminal. I can honestly tell you sir that I along with almost every other cop reading this would much rather see people of all races contribute to society rather than tear it down. Skin color means absolutely NOTHING to me and or most of my brothers in blue, if you commit a crime like drinking and driving, speeding, assault, domestic battery, robbery, drunk in public, disturbing the peace ect.... you go to jail. I live in an area where it is 73% Black and 25% White, on average I arrest more Black people than White people. If in fact i work a traffic detail i may write more Blacks tickets than I do Whites. Does this constitute me as a racist? NO it does not. Evil is in the hearts of all races of people, Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists.... EVERYONE has the potential to be evil, everyone has the potential to break the law and they do. That's fact not my opinion. The truth sir is you are the problem, not the Police. You are spreading your hate and racial propaganda and you are no better than the klu klux klan spreading their hate.(capital letters left out because of my lack of respect for such an organization) 99% of all Police are normal, hard working people of all races and creeds who are proud to put on a badge and take a bullet for any citizen that they have sworn an oath to protect. We are not the enemy nor do any of us wish to be the enemy. We are asked to perform a job with less pay than most garbage men make, with less equipment, less benefits and less manpower than most professions and we do it with pride. Why? Because we like to play with lights and sirens... No because we are willing to die to stand up to evil, PERIOD! Are you? You are not part of the solution with your hate propaganda, you are the reason why the 1% of cops that do cause the problems do it. Oh and also, I know and are dear friends with many Black Police Officers, They are not the problem either!

  9. Dear Mr. / Ms Person Who Identifies Him/ Herself as Anonymous,

    Glad to hear that you are such a great cop. Perhaps you should consider identifying yourself so that people will know that you are so great.
    The problem with your righteous indignation is that it is self centered inconsiderate. If you want to be respected as a good cop then begin to arrest your fellow brutal corrupt cop brothers and sisters. Until you do that, you are part of the problem.

    You think my article is the problem? ok. Let's interview the families of people who have been murdered , robbed, raped and battered by cops. Ask them what is more hateful - my article or the hail of bullets from frightened, hateful, clueless cops.

    You will never be respected until you purge your ranks of the rising horde of criminal cops. Do you even read what's going on in this country? Take of your "anonymous" sheet and be a real cop. Remember whose side you are supposed to be on. Remember that it is your job to arrest criminals. Even if those criminals wear blue. Until then, you get nothing but contempt.

  10. I hate the police. I hated them before i knew what hate was. All my life even before i was a teenager i was harassed by the police. Verbally, mentally, physically , emotionally. Distrust them. I'm a young black female and i can tell y'all numerous incidents I've been through regarding the police. I don't totally agree with the writer but i can understand how he can feel that way.

  11. if blacks don't like cops they should stop being a large percentage of police calls for service to manage their behavior.