Sunday, March 8, 2009

Philadelphia Police Commissioner and Mayor Slander Muslims

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and his Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey went public with their ignorance of Islam by stating that Philadelphia Police are being killed by radical Muslims who are being taught by radicals in Saudi Arabia! This statement put the lives of all African American Muslim men in danger any time they are stopped by police. More than usually is the case, anyway.

Imams from the Majlis Ash Shura of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley met with the mayor to discuss his slander, which gave police the implicit right to murder Mulim men on sight.

The meeting was surprising. Not because the mayor attempted to get the Muslims to just let the whole thing slide. It was surprising because of some of the other attendees of the meeting. Among them were Imams who never meet with the Muslims! Yet here they are with the mayor!. Some of these absolutely bowed down to the mayor and refused to challenge his attempt to whitewash the situation. One prominent Muslim professional smiled dutifully throughout the meeting and laughed on cue at all of the mayors corny jokes. I thought the negro was gonna do a tap dance!

Some of the Muslims appeared to be seeking a contract with the mayor rather than addressing the issue. I still don't know why the Arab leader was present, since the issue specifically concerned African American Muslim men. Again, this Arab leader is never present when the Muslim leadership meets.

I told the mayor that he needs to show concern and visit the citizens who are shot in killadelphia, instead of just visiting police officers who are shot. I told him that when police officers are shot 100 police respond, doors are kicked in, people are rounded up, rights are violated and a suspect is produced and deemed guilty within hours. But we don't see this level of police concern when "regular" people are shot. He became visibly annoyed with me and when I wouldn't accept his beating around the bush, non-answers, one slave negro sitting next to me told me I need to be "patient."

What a strange meeting!

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