Friday, December 4, 2009

Take A Moment To Apologize

Many Muslims are shocked that their hero, savior, Mahdi (yes, that's what some called him!) Barack Obama is sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan to kill Muslims. A lot of Black ("it's a new day") kool aid drinkers are surprised also.
If you are one of the afforementioned, kindly take a moment to apologize to the students of history who told you many months ago that this was going to happen. We told you that Barack would kill more Muslims and continue the war against Islam. We told you that his "great, beautiful speeches" were meant to lull the Muslim world to sleep. We told you that Barack works for his bosses who paid his way like Goldman Sachs. We told you. But you attacked us - the very ones who love you! You called us horrible names: you said we were "angry", "non-progessive", "living in the past", "haters", "fundamentalists", "backwards", "unintelligent", etc. You hurt us deeply with your misguided venom. But we still love you. And, yes, we accept your apology.

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