Thursday, April 21, 2011


"Islamophobia" as it's being called these days is in fact, White hatred of Arabs, East Asians (like Pakistanis) and Islam. Black people in America do not hate Islam or Muslims. Black people know Muslims, live with Muslims and are related to Muslims. Black people do not believe the nonsensical media lies about Muslims.

So where does "Islamophobia come from? Arabs and East Asians have come to America and distanced themselves from the Black Islamic community that established Islam in America and made it safe for them to emigrate here and practice Islam. They practice EBONY-PHOBIA - the fear and rejection of Black American Muslims in spite our sharing the Islamic religion .
Instead, these Arabs, Pakistanis etc. , have tried to become honorary white boys - living amongst whites, spending their money with whites, kissing the feet of whites and begging for the acceptance of whites. ISLAMOPHOBIA IS IN FACT THE WHITE REJECTION OF ARAB/ PAKISTANI BUTT KISSING!

To end Islamophobia Arabs and Pakistanis need to unite with their fellow Muslims in America, live with us, spend money with us, attend our funerals (you rarely see them at our funerals, but we attend theirs) , work with us, do not undermine us by siding with our enemies, and take consultation from us. This will empower the spread of Islam and no racist will dare stand in our way. End Ebony Phobia and it will end Islamophobia

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  1. Sadly, some of the most most ignorant comments about Islam I have heard have been from African-Americans. However, there is a difference between ignorance and arrogance. The white supremist tend to be a lot more arrogant. And the whites control the media, the blacks do not.

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