Sunday, August 21, 2011


There are four reasons why there can be no united Eid prayer in Philadelphia:

1: RACISM Many Palestinian, Pakistani, Lebanese and Bangladeshi Muslims have no desire to mix with those outside of their ethnicity. Nor do they feel the need to follow local leadership. Could we go to their villages in their countries and establish our own Eids???

2: PhD' s: There is a movement by PhD's from the immigrant community to abolish the actual moon sighting and instead impose astronomical calculations. One PhD told us that this is going to happen and no one can stop them!! He even told us that he has the authority to do so because he has a PhD and the Prophet did not have one!! If I told you who it was you'd be shocked because you all love to flock to their big beautiful masjid!

3: CULTS. There are still several groups that teach there followers that they are superior to all other Muslims and thus should not mix with others because they are like "roses amongst weeds." Yes, an Imam actually said that!

4: MONEY The Eid is a fundraiser for many masjids and they fear they will lose money they would usually collect if they have a unified Eid. They do not want to unite and have a large collection and split the money.

These are the things that must be overcome if unity is to be established.

Did I miss any reasons??


  1. As Salaamu Alaikum,

    Thank you for illuminating these facts, as this question is asked quite often in our community. "Roses among weeds" wow i dont want to believe this was said by an actual Imam, yet I do believe it as I have experienced bias amongst the Philadelphia Muslims. My Salaams have been met with nods from various sisters who either don't share my way of dress or are of a different ethnicity. May Allah protect us and guide us!

  2. There are at least 4 Eids going on within 3 miles of each other within the city of Philadelphia -- Clara Muhammad, Belmont Plateau, Chalmers Field at 29th and Lehigh, 47th and Paschall. How about unity in our local community first without worrying about what those in the suburbs are doing/thinking.

  3. I agree we have to unite with ourselves b4 we can unite with others if the money was divided equally how would anyone lose if we can't come together fisibiallah then who is the biggest loser!

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