Monday, December 22, 2008

The Pathology of Muslims In Philadelphia

Some of the problems of Muslims in Philadelphia are:

Imams are largely fundraisers. Each Imam is like an island unto himself, or so he behaves as such. He is too busy "getting his own community in order" to join the organized unity effort known as the Majlis Ash Shura of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. He is too busy to meet with the other imams and help plan the affairs of the Muslims. Perhaps he attended a few times and made a suggestion but his suggestion was not given priority by other imams. Like a crybaby, he gets angry and never comes back. Yet these same imams tell their organizations to be tolerant of them even if they disagree with the imam! These imams are so used to having the final word in their organizations that they cannot bear it when other leaders disagree. Some imams are too afraid to openly express whatever grievence they have out of fear that they may be proven wrong. Whatever the reason for non participation, it is not valid. Ask your imam "why are you not a part of the unified effort?"


Immigrant Muslims have distanced themselves from Black Muslims. Even African Muslims are no better! Whether they are Saudis, Bangledeshis, Pakistanis, Lebeneese, Palestinians, Algerians, Egyptians, Nigerians, Sudanese, Albanians, Afghans, Iraqis, Kashmiris, Liberians, Tunisians or whoever, they have effectively isolated themselves from the indigenous Muslims.
Oddly, you see these groups bowing down before the white man and seeking their favor and approval, yet they reject the love and brotherhood shown to them by the indigenous Black Muslim.

There is a "Palestinian" masjid that gives the Friday Sermon (Khutbah) in all Arabic - in North Philadelphia - an area full of Blacks! Yet they gladly speak English for white dignitaries and politicians.

Some of our immigrant brothers love to join hands with the Jews and have peace marches to synagogues. That's fine. But these same brothers are too busy to work with those who really love them. They are fond of interfaith dialogue but lacking in intra-faith dialogue! We could never go to their countries and ignore the struggle and plight of the Muslims in, say, Palestine, Iraq, etc. Yet this is what our immigrant "brothers" do. Our sisters report the foul treatment and cold shoulders they receive from the immigrant "sisters." Our children report the discrimination they receive in immigrant-run schools.

Our immigrant friends must realize that:
  • All praises belong to Allah;
  • Unity is a command from Allah, not an option;
  • It was the indigenous brothers and sisters that made it safe for them to be Muslims in America. We fought to make it ok to wear a khimar and thobe and beard. And the only reason you are not looked upon as totally alien in America and chased out is because of the bravery of the elder indigenous Black Muslims who fought to establish Islam in America long before you arrived.

Muslim Media

The Muslim media includes radio shows, magazines, newspapers, newsletters etc. They are capitulating and obsequious with the same old tired "everyone- is- our - friend , Muslims - are - just - like - everyone - one -else, Muslims - like - to - line dance, Islam - is the- same - as - democracy, vote- for - Barack, be- a- part- of- the -system, don't - make- politicians - angry, sell - your -soul- to - the- devil- so- that- the -enemies- of- God- will - like you" drivel that makes them unbearable to conscious Muslims who love Islam.

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