Sunday, December 21, 2008

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter Pulls A Fast One

Philly Mayor Michael (Mix Master Mike) Nutter is cutting fire department service, closing libraries and pools because he has suddenly discovered the city is in a deficit.

Since Nutter was a councilmen for years, he had to know the financial status of the city. He knew that this city's politicians and cronies waste and steal money. Yet he ran for mayor promising "a new day." He tricked all of you who believe these politicians!

Nutter's cutbacks are going to cause deaths in Philadelphia. People are going to die in fires because of his cuts. People are going to get shot this summer because more children will be on the street instead of in pools or libraries.

Why did Nutter agree to give the Mummers Parade $300,000? Do we really need to watch the racist Mummers dance? Let the Dumber's Paraders pay for their own drunken bash.

Mix Master Mike has ensured that he will be a one term mayor. What a sell-out!

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